Instrument and effect in the same rack "space"?

Hi all! Sorry if this is a real newb waste of time question; I’m been trying to RTFM but not sure about this yet. So far I’m finding setting up my very complex routings pretty intuitive but there’s one thing I’m unsure of…
So, let’s say I’m loading an organ vst in a rack and it has a low end woofiness that is always there and I want to filter it out. Obviously I could make a rack with an eq and route the organ’s outputs to it but shouldn’t I be able to just put these together in the same rack somehow? It just seems it would be cleaner and easier, especially since I know every time I want to open that organ I’m going to want this basic processing on it. There are certain other instrument/fx combos that I just feel I should be able to keep together in the same basic little module and not have to make two and route them together. Am I missing something basic?? I have this feeling there’s something super basic about the whole rack architecture that I’m missing…



Hi Fred,

Yep, you can plug together as many plugins as you like in a rack.

eg: here’s a rack with VB3 feeding an EQ which then goes to the rack’s output.


Make sense?


Yep, That’s what I’ve been doing. I guess really maybe what I was visualizing was more like two objects in the same little virtual rack space, functioning as a single little unit… but this certainly works fine. I’m kind of working out just what my most basic units are in terms of sounds and what things can be re-used from one song section to another. I’m actually setting up what amounts to an entire album as a single “Song” and the subsections as States because the whole thing has to flow almost non-stop and I want everything to load at the start. Cantabile is just an absolute God-send; nothing else I’ve tried has come remotely close to doing what I want until this. I guess I better buy it quick during the sale, eh! lol



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I use it in a similar fashion (long, flowing works with seamless transitions done via states), but only found out fairly recently that Cantabile 3 will load in ALL the songs in a set-list ready-to-go if you have Tools/Pre-Load Setlist checked.

I’m pretty sure you can then have the songs share several racks between them (…and do not suspend any VSTi’s you want to still sound between songs) and have those smooth transitions between songs yet still contain your states within those songs within a set list.

I’m just getting started transitioning to this way of doing things, though - hope I’m correct in what I’ve assumed from some of the posts around here!

(I’ve been around here for a year now and only now am getting around to trying this!)



Curious what you mean by this - how’s this different to two plugins in a rack?

Ah, interesting! It may be six of one, half dozen of the other in the end but I’ll have to look at that. I guess the benefit there is that you then could rearrange the order of your songs but in my case I know I’ll never need to do that. his might be just the ticket for the 2nd half of the show though.

It’s not, really… apart from maybe a slight reduction in clutter and mouse clicking. I guess in my mind it’s the difference between a modular synth where I have to patch the oscillator to the filter every single time by hand, and a MiniMoog where it will just come up that way automatically in a hard wired unit if I select that pairing. It’s a fairly unimportant distinction :wink:

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Just as a follow up to this- now that I have everything inserted and routed it’s great. I have everything color-coded to tell what relates to what, it’s awesome. I’m getting used to the workflow of the whole thing.