Install Cantabile on a another System

Hi, iam new here in the Forum, but not new at Cantabile 3.
I have my old System here an Win7 offline (because i wanna have a stable system) and with Cantabile Performer and i can update Cantabile until September this Year. But i running with 3553 because everything what i need works fine.
Now i get next week a new System from my Sponsor where i install Win10 offline and wanna build up nearly the same config what i used on my old system. My Old System is more and more buggy about the Hardware, so i wanna wipe that poor boy who lead me in the Music Life.
So do i need a new Licence for the New System? Or can i use my old Licence for Cantabile?

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You don’t have to buy another licence. Just install it on your new machine and use the offline licencing feature.

Also, you really should consider updating to the latest build. Even if you don’t need the new features, does new builds have a lot of bug fixes.

Also, the developer has a blog with instructions on how to move to a new machine here.

  • Paul