Insert markers to jump to


Hello all,

I know in principle Cantabile is intended for live performance. But as an amateur musician in the process of starting a group from scratch, I am now primarily using C3 during band practice. My other band has not used Cantabile (yet), so while practicing, we regularly stop mid-song to repeat a certain bit over and over again.

Is it possible to add “markers” (a term used in Sonar) to a background track or click track in Cantabile, so I can have us start at a specific song part?


Hi Herman,

Cantabile Performer use “Play Ranges”

Load a media player with a song and select that media player then go to View>Time Line

You will see something like this. You drag the braces to the desired positions and then save the range,


Saving the range

Now it is a recall-able preset in the timeline window and can be loaded as a separate track of the track list to the media player!



Thanks so much, @dave_dore! I’ll try this first thing in the morning.