Inputs seem to mute/disconnect on song switch


I have linked rack in the songs in my set list that looks like this. Whenever I switch a song, the input seems to die and there is no sounds out of Helix Native 1. When I switch back to the previous song, sound will resume. When I switch to a new song, remove the input then relink the input from Rack Stereo In to Helix Native 1 Stereo in, I have sound in this song. However, when I now move to another song, the sound stops. This is not workable and it’s driving me crazy. I would use Live Professor, but that doesn’t have notes so I wouldn’t be able to have the chord and the song structure on the screen …

I finally ditched Cantabile and got a guitarist-centered vst host with support for chordpro and better midi support. Too many bugs in Cantabile and unintuitive interface.

Good luck with wherever you are going.

But your negative statements on Cantabile really aren’t necessary - and they lack substance as well; they speak more to your lack of understanding. I’ve yet to see a live host with better MIDI support (and I’ve seen a lot); and if you’d cared to back up your claims of “many bugs” with concrete examples, you’d see how super-responsive the author is in fixing any bugs.

Cantabile has a bit of a learning curve - you clearly weren’t willing to invest in that, which is totally fair, and if you find something else that feels more intuitive to you, that’s great.

Posting such negative comments on a software after one day on the forum doesn’t really make you credible - this is probably not the right place for you in any case.

Happy trails…


Many small annoying bugs that I don’t even remember. But the audio connections cutting out after switching to a new song while I didn’t change anything - just closed and re-opened Cantabile. Getting a simple midi button to work was a steep learning curve.

I spent about 40 hours in Cantabile (can probably be verified) and it has a steep learning curve. combined with a total lack of tutorials or youtube videos. There are some but never in depth and Cantabile is so extensive (not always a good thing) that it takes a long time to learn. I bet it’s a good match for keyboard players or people that need to trigger a lot of material at the same time. But for a guitarist who just wants to see the lyrics and switch some patches between song parts, Cantabile just isn’t worth the time and effort.

Also, I posted on the forum and not a single reaction within the first 24 hours.

For reference: I also work with BlackMagic Resolve which has a steep learning curve and many, many many features but at least it has a very active community and tons of resources online including a very extensive and useful online course.

Funny, as I use Cantabile for exactly as what you describe above. Nothing is worth the time and effort if you give up so easily. Did you become a proficient guitarist in 40 hrs? Of course not. Youtube videos are available. Any computer program worth it’s salt has a learning curve.
There are learning tools on site, and there are numerous threads in the forum search engine.

The forum has many great minds, and are very helpful. I am sorry they are from around the world and have lives to live within your 24 hr demand. I guess the phone operators were changing shifts. Perhaps Black Magic Resolve can help you within your time frame.

It’s never a good idea to ask for help, then post negative comments about the software, which you obviously haven’t spent enough time with. Then, you badmouth the amazing forum members before you get a chance to know them. Your loss.

To quote @Torsten…Happy Trails!


You serious?

I guess there is a risk of too many people saying you “cannot be serious”, but I could not let this comment pass, and I guess you missed all the Videos and Guides, which includes some more Specific Guides that I have written that Brad has linked to.

If Cantabile is not for you, then no big deal, and I wish you well with whatever you have chosen and hope that it is more suitable for you.

For me, Cantabile is one of the most powerful hosts I have come across. Sure, it has a steep learning curve, but in the ten years I have been using it (first with Cantabile 2) it has always delivered. And on the odd occasion I have been stumped on how to do something this community has always had the answer (but do allow time for people to respond as Corky has said).

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Cantabile is probably the least buggy software I own.

This is the most positive, helpful, board I have come across. In addition, the developer here is very active and listens to us. We often get fixes or new features within hours of requests.

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I would like to have my say, dear friend.
I’m an amateur compared to many other friends in the Forum, but I was and still am supported by everyone! Maybe, I wait a few days, but I’m never disregarded in the answers.
This is a serious Community and Brad himself is constantly close to us.
Patience is the virtue of the strong!!


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