Input Route Colors (Feature Request)

Hi All, @brad

If it hasn’t been done already I wanted to make a feature request for colors on the input route bindings but to go a bit further I had a few ideas on how they could be implemented to offer up.

The first idea is if when you assigned a color to a plugin or rack it would automatically match the color to the input routes it used. I’m not sure if could be done but would help see at a glance the matching.

Another idea was to have global input route colors the user could set in options that would load the environment port routes in the songs or racks with the color already done.

Any other thoughts on input route colors please post here …




I spend a lot of time colour coding my system, so any automatic assistance may well help.

Plus 1

I was playing with this and there is a “Set Color” on the aggregate inputs and outputs, but it seems to change a color bar above the onscreen keyboard. But, I agree it would be nice to be able assign different colors to each input and output.

+1 for me


A color code of the MIDI and audio ports might be useful, too

Thanks for the feedback on this. This needs some clarification:

  1. Is this primarily about the ability to set colors on routes?
  2. Would it be simpler/sufficient if routes just took on the color of the object it’s connected to? or…
  3. Is this more about assigning a color based on the input port it’s coming from?

Q1 is relatively straight forward to implement (I think)

Q2 is conceptually and implementation wise the simpler automatic color approach

Q3 could be useful, but only for some (I think) and it conflicts with the automatic approach of Q2. It also requires additional settings to specify the colors of environment input ports and does the same thing apply for output ports.

Finally, Q4: by setting colors of routes I assume we’re talking about both the slot background color and the color of the wires in the diagram view?


Hi Brad,

I’ll go first, for me my preference is for the scenario where the route automatically takes the color of the object. This to me provides convenience with function. I don’t use the wiring view but I think that it would help there as well to trace complex routes.

Because I think it will eventually come up, are the output routes from the objects also available as candidates for colors? Or would that create even more conflicts? If they were I would want them to be auto set to the same color as the object so they fit into the auto scenario I preferred. Also, maybe a global switch to turn it on and off for those who don’t want any changes.

Anyway that’s my vote …

Thanks for framing the issues. :slight_smile:


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Brad…I only use the table view, sometimes the diagram when looking for a connection problem. All my vsts linked to main keyboard are colored blue. All my 2nd keyboard vsts are colored lime. Audio vsts such as guitar amp sims are colored fuchsia, and fx are brown. I have over 800 songs now and if I select a rarely used one at a gig, I am able to quickly identify what is going on in the song. I would like to have the routing matching vst color. For me, it isn’t necessary to automatically set colors, as I take care of all that during song setup. Just the routings being able to accept a color would be very helpful in my case.



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Hi, I use a lot of midi routs in one song. Sometimes I even lead 30 routs to one plugin. I would prefer color choices regardless of plugins. The most ideal would be: Automatically load the color with the plugin and then the ability to change individual colors. If there could be only one option, I would rather choose colors independently of the plugins.

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