Input port name not changing

Since Performer version 4168, when I try to change input ports, the name of the port will not change. The input itself changes as I can make a sound from the correct keyboard. If I then the check mark to turn it on and off, the name finally changes to the correct port. I reverted back to the previous stable build and everything worked correctly. Operating system is Windows 7. Anyone else experiencing this?

Thanks - Paul

@brad I can confirm this is happening on my Windows 11 machine too.

  • Paul

Hi @bartok2112

Thanks for reporting this. I just did some quick tests and couldn’t see any issues and 4168 doesn’t have any changes relating to input ports.

What input ports are you referring to? MIDI or Audio? The ports in Options, or the ports on a plugin/media player/rack or something else?

Perhaps send me some screen shots showing the issue?


@brad I made a video and emailed it to you. This is referring to midi ports.

  • Paul

Thanks, fixed for the next build.

Hi Paul, thanks for reporting this, I’m glad to know it’s not an isolated case. While we wait for the next build, there’s a workaround you can use. Simply switch to another tab, such as Show Notes or Bindings, and then back to Routing. Doing so should refresh the input port names and display them correctly. You might have already figured this out, but I thought I’d mention it just in case. Cheers!

Brad was actually able to fix it, so no problems now.