Input from In Ear Monitor users


Funny you should say that - I got the same, although I seem to remember it was a bit more sarcastic in my case! :slight_smile:



Hey Dave, I have a pair of the 215e and had a similar fit issue. If interchanging canal inserts doesn’t remedy the leaking you might have to try another type of IEM(possibly more expensive). The pricier brands offer custom molded gel inserts but the total cost could be close to $1000.00. I did some research on some of the different brands and found out that Fender makes a brand that fits further in your ear canal and has a great frequency range . Their top of the line are $500.00 and have a frequency range of 23khz- 6hz… Havnt found any brand with that range but the Fender FAX7 are phenomenal !! I just have to be careful if I use them with my iPhone for music because I can’t hear anything other than the music. American musical has the whole line and they have a payment plan…


I’m using the bargain basement Fenders, the $50 ones and I even like them. Of course they don’t fit that deeply but for off the shelf they do me quite nicely.


Kinda like buying condoms, eh?


I don’t know, can you get custom fitter condoms?? :smiley:


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: You just had to ask…


I use a Sennheiser IEM300 wireless system with a pair of 10 quid Sennheiser ear buds that I scored at Trago Mill (when I went nearby to see Rick Wakeman playing in Carnglaze Cavern!). These cheap buds do a better job than the supplied ones, and they fit me better - I always have problems with buds falling out at the slightest touch.

I’d love to know what a pair of 1100 quid earpieces would do for me that my tenner buds don’t, but I don’t feel like shelling out that kind of money to find out…


These are some of my favorite headphones I have ever owned- got them for $10. But they look goofy and could never go remotely loud enough to use live.


Been thinking about moving to IEM’s. This thread is goldmine of useful advice.

I bought Etymotic ER-15s with custom molds years ago when I played in a loud rock band. I “out grew” my first custom molds - over 10 years they became loose so that is something to be aware of. They take a little getting used to like IEM’s but I never head to a live music venue without them.