Initialise CC on change of state

Can anyone help me with this scenario? My foot pedal sends CC11 via a midi route to VB3-II to control the swell pedal. I am using a midi filter on the route to set the min/max range for the pedal. When I load another state of the same song, I want CC11 to be initialised at a certain fixed value irrespective of where the foot pedal happens to be. I cannot figure out how to do this since midi filters are not part of the state and I cannot find a binding that does what I need. I’m sure there must be an obvious way to do this but it’s passed me by so far!


Did you try a Binding triggered by either Load State or Load Song? Also, there is the capability to reset built into the Rack.

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Hi Peter,

Richard pointed to the Song State bindings to do this. For it to work correctly the state behavior for the binding(s) needs to have the ‘Enabled’ option checked. Then it can react to the states properly. You want to disable the binding on the states where you don’t want it to execute and enable it on the states where you want it to fire as shown in these examples where a different binding is provided for 2 of the states with different CC11 values being sent to the target vsti in each. The final state not shown had both bindings disabled.

This is all subject to having C3 performer.


Ah thanks guys. I’d missed the Enabled option mentioned by Dave.