Infuriating! Every time I disconnect my computer, it can't find my Juno DS's!

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I’ve run into this for some time, but every single time now, if I disconnect my computer from my USB hub (where all my keyboards are connected), I reconnect to the same port on the PC, and Cantabile won’t send program changes. I use two Juno DS (a 61, and an 88), and they do not get program changes. I fiddled with it for an hour last weekend, and finally must’ve found the magic button, and got it to start working. I’m back home, and can’t get either one to work. I’ve deleted the ghost entries, deleted and reinstalled the Juno DS driver, nothing. I can see the keys transmitting in the monitor, and I can see the program changes talking to the ports, but nothing happens. Any hints? Thanks!

Well, after three hours last night, I got up this morning, fiddled with it a bit, and got things working. I still don’t know what changed, but that was horrible. I’m getting my new computer online this week, I think I’ll just re-enter the song settings for each one, trying to avoid some kind of error in the existing files.

I have two m-audio Axiom 61 (1st Gen) that I use for upper and lower hammond. If I put the laptop they’re connected to into sleep mode with Cantabile running when I wake up the computer the two keyboards are often swapped and sometimes one or the other won’t be active. The solution of course is to shut down Cantabile before I put the computer to sleep. I believe the problem is within the way Windows 10 and the Axiom USB driver are handled.

When you have two of the same unit (pretty sure Juno DS 61 and 88 are the same except for keybed) you get similar issues.

I don’t think your issues lie within Cantabile although it does get tripped up by the USB swapping. I used to go into Tools>Options>Midi Ports and reassign the port to the other axiom to swap the two which worked (I name them Axiom 61 Upper and Axiom 61 Lower)


Thank you for your input! Mine usually stay put (I never let it go to sleep while in use), and usually, it’s rock solid while connected. The thing that gets me is, I can’t actually tell what I did when I get it back. I try to go through the MIDI ports, sometimes I find different ones, sometimes I don’t. I shut them off, restart them, restart Cantabile, reboot the computer, and on, and on, then finally, something works. I’m good at troubleshooting, and still have to battle. I also think Roland is part of the issue, I’m trying to see if I can change the actual ID the keyboard gives to Cantabile, to help ward this off in the future. Thanks again! cv

I’ve never had trouble finding the the two keyboard’s USB “instances” but I have had to restart Cantabile to get them both to work. Power cycling the keyboards themselves or at least pulling the USB connector out and replacing it.

Same here, I also sometimes have to switch the keyboard off --> on if Windows for some reason missed that it was connected.

Seems like a Windows issue. I experienced something similar with a Windows 10 setup with 2 Motu Midi express 128. From my understanding, it seemed to be related to the order in winch they receive the power. They would just exchanger their port number!!! Very annoying in a big studio setup… I never had this problem when no identical units are used.

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I thought I’d be doing myself a favor, getting “identical” keyboards, only one sound set to mess with, programming is the same, etc, but Roland says “The driver won’t differentiate between two units”, so they’re always a “Juno-DS” regardless of keys, or anything else. It’s an issue with any software using them USB. I could use a MIDI interface, I suppose, and that would take the problem away. I don’t know that I’d lose anything going that way, since I mostly just use it to set sounds for songs. I’m kind of a dinosaur, I don’t run any backing tracks, or anything.

It’s definitely a well-known Windows issue. People thinks it’s Cantabile or the DAW, but that’s not true at all.
You will find similar topics using the forum search.

It’s a Windows USB Port Enumerator thing that occurs with identical device descriptors. Techie part is here …


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Thanks! I finally got to that point, and seeing that confirmed by Microsoft was a bonus. I think I’ll just go to a MIDI interface for one of them will make the issue go away. It’s two plugs instead of one, not a huge deal. I have been worried about my PC, and maybe my USB hub, this stops all that. Failure is not an option, it’s included, free, with every Microsoft product. XD

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Get a 2x2 MIDI interface. That way you would still only need one USB connection.

Something like these:

I’ve had great success with the Midisport 2x2. That combined with a DAC and a USB hub plugged into the same computer laptop USB Port rarely causes midi or audio problems. Just the other day, a bandmate was trying to swap USB keyboards on his rig and it was a freakin’ disaster. IMO, universally compatible MIDI 5-pin DIN is more foolproof than proprietary USB drivers. Hot glue and velcro to a 1U shelf to keep it steady. Pretty cheap to keep spare parts, too.

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I have the exact components in your custom rig! I can’t recommend enough dumping the Lexicon Alpha and replace it with a UMC202HD.

Love the custom input panel!