Indexed bindings

New Cantabile 3 developments explained here on blog:

This opens up new routing capabilities for sure…
I can now make generic global rack gain slider and button assignments with this!
One question @brad from the blog though. Is “reflective midi” like the midi loop back function?


No. By MIDI Reflection I mean the future ability to bind values from inside Cantabile back to a MIDI Controller. Think motorized sliders, led rings, value displays etc…

Brad, hope at some point you can do some tutorial videos on some of these “beneath the surface” features!

@brad ohhhh… :open_mouth: that’s great news too!

Hi Lee,

Yep, video tutorials are planned, right now just focusing on finishing functionality - gotta get this thing shipped.


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Forgive me for being slightly arrogant and suggest another take to this topic.

The idea of a more generic late binding type with Midi controls is really good.
In this respect I like the solution with indexed bindings.

But for the first time I have a “non-cantabile” feeling as I do not think it follows the normal way to do things and also do not really, as far as I understand, solve all issues.

My suggestion would be to look more into how e.g. audio channels are done with abstractions between phsycial and virtual channels.

Would it not be possible to do the same for bindings on profile level?

One can define x number of “virtual bindings” and concrete bindings assignments and controllers (plugin, racks and even parameters) can subscribe to them.

In case there is a subscription match it will “play”. Otherwise nothing will happen.

I belive this will be more generic and allows for much more flexibility.

E.g. even plugin parameters can link to a virtual binding or two plugins can link to the same virtual binding, which makes the setup simpler.
Bidings can also go in both directions (Midi CC -> Cantabile and Cantabile -> Midi CC)

Finally one does not have to arrange plugins and racks in certain semi-static ways across Songs and Setlists to achieve a certain order.
I find this a bit odd and not really Cantabile like.

I guess though a dedicated dialogue box would be needed to mange virtual binding, like the audio/midi interfaces, but in my oppinion it will be worth it.

Hi Kim,

I agree and what you’re describing sounds similar to @Neil_Durant’s suggestion here: - but admittedly I haven’t thought about how it would work in a great deal of detail.

The main reason for these indexed assignments being implemented now is because I know a number of user’s rely on this in Cantabile 2 and I wanted to be able to upgrade those old assignments.