Increase volume to a part of the keyboard



I continue with the rookie questions :slight_smile:

I would like to have a different volume in a specific part of the keyboard.

That is, I have a vst instrument and in “input ports” I have the main keyboard twice, once with a range of keys and another with another range of keys.

On the second keyboard (the one I indicate in yellow in the image) I would like the volume to be higher.

Can this be done somehow?

Thank you


Maybe send one key range to another instance of the piano with a louder volume?


That way I know how to do it, but I would use two instances, with the same plugin, same preset and different volume … consuming more cpu, ram, etc …

Is there a way to do it with a single instance?

Thank you


Hey Phillip, @Melving is right on in the case of Cantabile. It can’t do anything about the raw volume of the 2 parts without a second instance of the plugin with the same patch. You might be able to make a refex patch that did it with one layer set to MIDI channel 1 and the second layer to MIDI channel 2 with the Cantabile routes adjusted accordingly but that is the only thing I can think of that would work for a single instance. The only thing Cantabile could do right now would be to have different velocity filters on the 2 zones (route) so as to react differently to your playing with the upper being louder and lower quieter in this case. If you want to try it let me know and I’ll explain.


Hi @dave_dore!

Maybe this could work for me. Can you explain a little more how to do it?

Thank you


Sure, take your existing song and add a midi filter to the first route you want to dampen the velocity on by clicking the filter button on the route and adding a velocity controller filter

then adjust the velocity with the max value on the route and test

This may not work because it only works with patches that have velocity as part of their programming like piano sounds and such. Anyway, that’s what I was talking about above.




Thank you so much @dave_dore

Edit: It works perfectly!