Increase master gain level by 2dB from a Note binding?

I normally use the lowest “A” on my piano to switch to next state, and the Bb to switch back a state. This works fine.

On some songs I don’t need separate states, all I want to do is use “A” to increase master gain by +2dB for a solo, and “Bb” to reduce down by 2dB. The master gain is mapped to a fader on a control surface so my starting point is not constant, so it needs to be a relative offset.

I can do a offset value mapping using a “controller” binding, but not a note binding. Is there any reason why not? or how to do this?


You could insert a simple gain plugin at the end of your processing chain (right before master gain) and use the two keys in a binding to set the bypass of this plugin to on or off.

This will work with note bindings and give you an independent boost which will always be relative to your master gain.



Thanks Torsten!

Thinking about it - I have BOME all configured as an “outboard” processor with a send from and return to C3. I could send it those 2 notes and have it convert them to controller.

Actually, I could do this all in C3 probably - use binding 1 to convert the note to a controller and send it to the loopback keyboard port. Then have a 2nd binding to pick up the controller and adjust the gain. I’ll try that next.

TBH, I wouldn’t over-complicate things. The “plugin as solo boost” is easy to setup, transparent to understand and easy to debug when something misbehaves. All this convoluted looping back and converting sounds too complicated for my taste :wink:

And instead of simply using a gain plugin, why not use an EQ plugin as a solo boost and give your solo sound a bit more edge by boosting the presence range?




I like your idea of the eq plugin - I already have GEQ in my “Global Out” rack.

I just tried it.

I have 3 presets in GEQ - default, +3dB, +6dB

I have 3 rack states for “Global Out”. They are default, +3dB, +6dB.

This works fine when manually selecting them

I am trying to add the binding directly into the “Global Out” rack.
There doesn’t seem to be an action for “Next Rack State”. I can select a specific rack state as a target, but not Next Rack State.

If I had 2 presets it would be fine!