In real time microphone processing for gaming

I am trying to find an alternative of voicemeeter and asio4all. Is it possible to use WASAPI as my audio engine to modify my microphone sound for gaming purpose? I dont get audio input channel with WASAPI

My headset is arctis 5 wich feature a chatmix dial that I dont use. (knob turn all the way to game sound)

Nope - WASAPI is output only. You’ll need to use ASIO to have input and output.



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Voicemeeter can talk to Cantabile via ASIO using its inserts, or send directly to a channel that Cantabile can pick up. I made a video on using the inserts available here:

Once in a while you have to “cycle” the Cantabile audio engine on and off if sync breaks (you can hear that clearly as distorted sound). A couple clicks to the Cantabile switch at the upper right always gets it to sync. This likely happens because Voicemeeter is translating from ASIO to WDM/KS so you can use it for streaming and games.


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