Improving Cantabile's Text Rendering

And just to close out this… I’ve decided to release the code behind all of the above as an open source project “RichTextKit”:

The rationale behind this is two fold:

  1. it’s a sorely missing capability of SkiaSharp
  2. international text rendering is hard and hopefully if issues arise (which they almost certainly will) the community can help improve it over time.

Guides, documentation and source code links all available here:


Man! Incredible what you do brad. I’m becoming a fan of you.
Yeah i admit searching for other solutions also.
Standing still is going backwards they say I’ve here.
I still think there are small improvements that could better it for me, check me previous post with list of suggestions, which could be edited by now :slight_smile:

But I’m so looking forward to this editor.

So, how can we start using it?
Will there come chordpro support?

It’s already in the latest Cantabile builds but as mentioned above there’s no new functionality yet - it now just renders text correctly when in previous builds it didn’t.

Much of the above is ground work for a re-write of the notes editor which will come later - everything is always a matter of priorities and right now VST 3 is the top of the list.

Probably - as part of the show notes rewrite.

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Thx, it’s perfect, maybe after the summer I can start rebuilding my notes if the function is available :slight_smile:

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What I like about these kinds of posts is how much more value I feel in my purchase/support of Cantabile. Brad is a very detailed programmer.


RTF is an old and nasty format (especially when it comes to image embedding). I’m very fine with MarkDown and I would happily use an external WYSIWYG editor to paste the resulting MarkDown into cantabile.
Neither do I need a full fledged desktop publishing tool inside cantabile, nor do I believe that documents with lots of funny fonts and stuff are well readable.
A simple split editor (left hand text editor, right hand live preview) would do the job.
The only thing I would like to customize (globally) are the 2 font typefaces that are used for fixed / proportional text (I don’t like Courier).

Hi @derVodi

Thanks for the feedback. I wasn’t suggesting RTF, just ability to do rich text formatting (ie: not plain text). The editor I’m envisioning will probably be something similar to Mediums editor with a bit more formatting control. ie: editable text paragraphs along with special embeddable paragraphs for images, chordpro blocks, perhaps some markdown, PDF extracts etc…



Hi @brad

And ABC for quick and dirty score rendering?


That’d be cool, though last time I checked I couldn’t find a good open source rendering library for it. Maybe could automatically run an external tool to do it. Not sure I’d have to reinvestigate.


I may have missed it but s there an updated timeline on the new show notes feature?


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It’s in the works, but I got held up with what I thought would be small update to Cantabile’s UI library (GuiKit) and decided on a much bigger reworking of it. The show notes is pending getting that work complete (which is about to become my top priority).


Hey Brad, I sure hope you find some time and inspiration to get the notes update so we can see colors and text Mark up

It’s on the list… along with a lot of other things.

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