Improvements to Cantabile's Subscription Model (Cheaper or Fairer - pick one)

Hey All,

I’ve decided to make some changes to Cantabile’s subscription model that makes it cheaper and/or fairer. Full explanation on the blog.



i guess I renewed just a little too early. :rofl::rofl:

Like this Brad.


I think it’s a good move, both marketingwise for potential new subscribers and customer-relation wise for existing fans

I renewed a little early for this, but I was also late renewing because I didn’t get my reminder. Hopefully I’ll get my next reminder early enough to benefit from the discount…

Very cool! I signed up for medium just show I could clap for this.

Me too… :frowning:

I renewed after expiry and only paid $30.
I would gladly have paid more as it’s terrific software. Almost crash proof and critical sections done properly.
It’s not easy to make a dollar as an independent solo developer.
It’s a bargain. The wonder from downunder.

I signed up “late” last time, but only because I forgot to update my subscription. I went to update the software and then… duh!

I didn’t mind paying full price for “less than a year,” because it was my mistake… and… it’s an amazing piece of work.

I WILL make sure I sign up early and get a discount if you are offering it though!


Thanks everyone - pleased this has been well received.

For those who feel they renewed a little too early or a little too late, I apologize. Whenever there’s a change in pricing or policy there are some who gain and some who miss out. If you feel you’ve been unfairly done by, please email me and we’ll work something out.

You were only a few days late and although boundary is described as being you current subscription date, you can actually go about a week over and still get the discount - the idea being that if I don’t release an update around the time your subscription is due, you might not realize its is due.

Thank, Brad. In my case I’m simply referring to the email I received that informed me your own email reminder system had failed - otherwise I would have renewed on or ahead of time. As long as Cantabile continues to develop I have no complaints at current prices.

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The 1 year from renewal date is a fairer deal.
And the early-bird discount is a clever idea.

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This is great to hear Brad. I’ll be updating my subscription shortly. Great to hear of your 35xx workarounds for the issues Roland have caused with their Cloud software.