Importing kontakt project?

Using lite version at the moment.

I have 2 kontakt6 projects using some steven slate drums on both of them.
Want to import them into cantabile(lite) and use them simoultanoously but with different audio output.
For a start, Don’t know how to import them.
Was reading all night, but couldn’t get it to work.
Can anybody help?

Admittedly, working with Kontakt uses some advanced techniques. The free version doesn’t have all the nice tools to make it easy. Give me a minute and I’ll create an example that doesn’t use States, Racks, or Songs.

Thanks man!
I could buy also a pro version, just want to be sure that it will suit my needs.

Use Add Object → Plug In to add Kontakt VST to Cantabile. Go to Tools → Audio Ports to add a second Stereo out (here it’s Drums 2). Starting from the top, there are 2 routes, one for MIDI ch 1 and one for MIDI ch 2. The destination for both is Kontakt, but different MIDI channels. Then, in Kontakt, I added a Stereo out so that “Garage Kit” goes to st.1 and Drum Lab goes to st.2. Likewise, Garage Kit listens to MIDI 1 and Drum Lab listens to MIDI 2. MIDI input comes from the default MIDI device “Main Keyboard”. This doesn’t have to be a keyboard, just whatever your main MIDI device is.

So, for Cantabile you have to create an second Audio out port, create your Routes, and instantiate Kontakt. Everything else is done in Kontakt.

I think this picture is going to show up really small. Hopefully you can zoom in. Does this help?

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The Performer version has the tools to deal with complex VSTs like Kontakt. But, let me ask this: are you only running Kontakt, and only the drum sounds? If that were the case, I think I would just run Kontakt stand alone.

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Man thanks a lot for the input. Just working on it.
Well, yes! Would always use two drums with separate audio outputs. After few songs, would change those two drums with some other drum samples. And so on. Only drums. Didn’t know that I can do that in kontakt?

Well, what you can do is set up Kontakt stand alone to receive on MIDI channel 1 and MIDI channel 2, set two drum programs up in a Kontakt multi, and then set each drum program up to listen to a different MIDI channel and send on a different stereo out. You can do all of that in Kontakt’s stand-alone mode.

Of course, you can do much more with Cantabile by setting up Kontakt in a Rack, etc.