Import/Copy song States

Hi @brad
is there a way to copy a state from a song and paste it in another song? Thank you!

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Hi @brad,

I was wondering the same thing:

Could you create a way to copy/import states from one song or rack to another? I don’t imagine you’d be able to interchange song states with rack states, which is fine. I also assume that the racks or songs being copied between would need to have the same racks/plugins.

Thank you,

  • David

I’m not @brad, but I’d find this a very niche use case: in the internal workings of Cantabile (take a look at a song or rack file in a text editor), song or rack states are different setups of the individual components of a song (i.e. routes, plugins, racks), with all the different configurations saved with the respective component (e.g. a “full bank” state will be stored for every state with the respective plugin). To be able to copy a state between songs, all these would need to be identical between the songs or racks, and Cantabile would need to identify “which configuration goes where” - not such a trivial undertaking - and also make sure that only compatible configurations get applied.

So no, there isn’t currently a function in Cantabile that could do that - and given that this would only work for very few occasions (i.e. two songs or racks that are completely identical), and it’s not a trivial undertaking programming-wise IMHO, I can’t really see this being a development priority.

Just my 0.02 EUR, though…



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Hi Torsten,
I wondered if it might be difficult to develop. I understand what you are saying, but I will state my use case:
I’ve recently been re-working some of my racks. I always start by working on a copy, then I prototype some changes, often configured as bindings and encapsulated in States. Once I have a particular State ‘working’ I wanted to copy it back to my original rack.
It may be very niche case and there may be other ways to accomplish, but I thought I would ask.
Cheers - David

Why not create a new state in your original rack and build it there directly (different state name)? Once you have it working, you can simply delete the old one and rename the new one to the old name. Cantabile stores rack states as strings, so once your new state has the same name as the old one, all songs should work with the updated version.

You may need to re-load the song to make sure the changes take effect.



This is so complicated and ambiguous that I don’t think it’s worth implementing.

@Torsten’s suggestion is probably you’re best bet.