Implement polling for USB MIDI devices

There is one important feature that is missing in Cantabile: automatically poll and add MIDI USB devices connected after Cantabile started.
Here is what I mean: if I start Cantabile before I turn my digital piano on, Cantabile will never see it until I restart Cantabile.
Another scenario with same outcome: I start my piano, start Cantabile, play, after that step away, my piano turns off automatically, and when I turn it back on, Cantabile does not see it.
There is software, such as Modartt Pianoteq, that recognizes the piano immediately, and I can play right away without restarting Pianoteq.
Considering that many if not all MIDI controllers turn off after some period of inactivity, this fix would probably be welcomed by many users.
Thanks, Vlad

I always plug everything in before I start up.

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Hi Vlad, welcome to the forum.

I have never experienced what you say because I also do what Corky does, but if you think there is something wrong with Cantabile, next time, use the @brad tag so he will be notified directly from the thread.

This time the post is already at-Brad tagged, so no further action is required.

IIRC, you don’t have to restart Cantabile to re-find MIDI devices – just cycle the engine off and back on (the big green Power Switch icon).

– Jimbo

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I have been able to plug my midi keyboards in after already starting Cantabile. It doesn’t work with audio interfaces though unless you cycle the audio engine on and off though like Jimbo mentioned.

  • Paul
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Hi Vlad,

Thanks for mentioning this. Cantabile will detect newly added devices but requires restarting the audio engine for them to be fully connected. Could you please let me know if cycling the power button after connecting the devices lets it start working?

If not I’ll need a debug log:

  1. Start Cantabile
  2. Reproduce the problem, including power cycling.
  3. From the Tools menu, choose Open Settings Folder.
  4. Close Cantabile (this is important)

From the folder opened in step 3, send me the files log.txt, log-previous.txt and settings.json along with the name of the MIDI device that isn’t connecting.


Folks, sorry for the confusion caused - it works fine now even without restarting the engine, the button stays green all the time.