I'm still here, just a little overwhelmed

My set in the park was not good. It was my fault and I’m working through the various issues a step at a time. My monitors were spread too wide. My headphones reported excessive tremolo and reverb, one monitor seemed to have square wave type distortion, possibly tweeter, cabling or dropout. So far, I’ve revisited the Waves C6sc, CLA Guitar and Vocals plugins, and Nembrini doublers and I’m not to MIDI or percussion yet. I ran L/R out of a BBE 882i (XLR) to aux inputs at the monitors (XLR outs Into stereo ins = bad idea… my bad and possibly the clipping mentioned earlier). While testing EVERYTHING, my Arturia KeyStep37 arrived, then the JBL EON715s, so the list grows. Having sound tweeks happy with my 250ohm headphones, tomorrow I test with the 64ohm headphones, then the errant XLR to stereo connection, then the new speaker. And my phone is presently covering what I type with the keyboard. Real helpful Samsung. So I have my hands full, but I’m still here. Also, the phone is trying to help me out way too much. It’s newer also and underlines and double spaces between words, depending on what app I’m using.

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It sounds like you are trying to run before you can walk. Start simple.


yeah looks very complicated

Like @The_Elf said, one small step at a time. You learn in waves.