I'm (Microsoft) back!

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Windows 10 was down to a crawl. Installing Malwarebytes helped a little, and then Microsoft installed another update (Oh dear). Okay, so my machine is running faster now BUT 2 things have changed. #1, Fn+F4 used to put my machine to sleep, no more. Now, I have to do WindowsKey + X, then U, and then S. Arghh. And, #2, if I leave my machine alone for a while the screens don’t respond. They do once I start something like Solitaire. Wha? What do either of these have to do with a new release? Lord have mercy!


That’s why I turned my Cantabile Win 7 machine into an internet machine. Don’t have to worry about updates, because there are none. :grin:
I use Windows defender, uBlock Origin, and Ghostery. Runs just fine. My Cantabile machines stay off line.

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Good advice for my 2nd (twin) machine, Corky. I’ll check out those features. Thx, – Ron

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I run Windows 10 Enterprise because I have more control over it (I imagine Windows 10 Pro is similar). I turn off telemetrics from group policy. Also, I disable any startup services that I don’t need (Task Manager -> Startup). I have Windows update run only once a week. I also have an NVME, where I put the paging file and data. My bootup disk is an SSD. Having a good graphics card also helps offload some of the work from the CPU, as well as having a decent sound interface (mine is a MOTU 8M).

Thanks for the recommendations, David. I could not find any telemetrics in either of the 2 policies. The few Startup services enabled look okay. I don’t have an external NVME or other memory that I know of, and don’t even know what graphics card is installed on my laptop. Thus, nothing obvious to change.

There does appear to be something running in the background. Starting a program, like Solitaire, wakes up the machine. Yet, Malwarebytes says all its scans show no viruses. I guess I should take it in to a pro, for exorcizing.

Sometimes, you just have to bite the bullet and do a system reset. You will need to reinstall all your programs, of course, but that actually becomes freeing!!!

You’ll have a machine just like from the factory with the latest operating system working correctly and no ghosts in the machine. A fresh registry as well.



For “waking up” issues, check your power options. Control Panel -> Hardware & Sound -> Power Options. Select “High Performance”. From there, you can click on “change plan settings”, and get more granular, such as disk drive sleep time, etc. Note that this will eat more battery.

Also: Disabling telemetrics from group policy is only available in Enterprise. Otherwise, you can go to start -> settings -> privacy.

Almost a year ago, I bought a twin. These are inexpensive, almost end-of-life laptops so, if they are stolen, it is barely over a $100 USD loss. The previous owner wiped it clean, except for the W10 software. I guess this is the time to copy my data to it. I just know that MS is going to install its backdoors as soon as I try to use it though. Since I do “development” work, I am locked into the PC world, as is most major software.

I doubt the “backdoors” are what are slowing your current machine down so badly. More likely it is a congested registry with many erroneous entries. The registry is basically a gigantic text file that has to be loaded into memory every time you boot up, and if it contains many errors and false pointers, it really can slow things down.


You can also get on a plane and fly to New Orleans and then drive an hour or so out into the hinterlands. Once there you will meet an ancient woman who will place the laptop on a small altar and perform incantations to banish the harmful programming that accumulates over time. :sunglasses: Bring your dancing shoes.

Terry is right about the bloated registry but there’s more to it. Extraneous services running in the background, broken dependencies, Windows updates that leave behind outdated files. Every time I look at the startup list it seems a raft of application updaters have snuck back in. I have witnessed the Windows Telemetry bogging down a machine

Use CCleaner to remove all erroneous registry entries and clear all Windows temp crap.
Next step, get a hardware firewall appliance with intrusion prevention.
All of my studio and live rig computers are on the internet when back in the studio. I have never been infected with malware or a virus. They’re not cheap, but well worth the lack of headaches.
Also, read and implement all of Brad’s recommendations in his “Glitch Free” guide to tuning Windows for audio performance.

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Upon reading Terry’s recommendation, I went looking for registry fixers. It may be that Malwarebytes does that, and I just bought a subscription. Yeehaw! 21hours 4 minutes and 51 seconds later, the Full Scan has found 0 Detections anywhere, including in 618,267 files. Restarted the computer. Just as slow. What’s this? There a Windows Edge icon on my desktop. Where did that come from? I use Chrome and always uninstall Windows Edge.

I’ll look into getting CCleaner. Another expense. If any Class Action lawyer out there wants to file a multi-million dollar lawsuit, count me in!

You can use CC Cleaner for free. It’ll nag like crazy though.

Just use the free version of CCleaner and DON’T let it run in the background. Change the default settings. Scan and clean when you feel it’s needed. Scan for both temp and other Windows crap and then do a registry scan. Fix all issues and repeat until there are no more issues found in the registry. Malwarebytes does not clean the registry of unused junk, it will only clean infections from the registry. Also do not let Malwarebytes run all the time in the background.

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I will do exactly that – CCleaner – today. I’ve also got a tech from the ISP coming by this week, because today I noticed that the modem was losing connection. When up and running, Speedtests show it to be below what was contracted for (and charged). Something is – or several things are – not right. It has been raining.

Okay, CCleaner ran its Registry Scan and found 431 issues, mostly missing DLLs and unused file extensions, but other issue too. For 20 bucks ($20 USD), it will be worth it, but I’m using the Trial Version for at least a week. Thanks to all for the advice.

Looks like my previous message did not post. It has been a week, CCleaner has worked well, and I have now paid for the Pro subscription. I cancelled the ISP tech’s visit since, magically, the service improved (right after I complained). Thanks to all for the advice.