I'm have trouble automating/bypassing plugins

I’m trying out some new plugins for my vocal chain, but I’m having problems figuring out how to automate them with bindings. First, my plugins are Slate Verb Suite Classics (reverb) and d16 Group Repeater (delay). I want to basically bypass them in between songs when I’m talking. and have it automated using a “Transport” > “On Position” binding if possible. The delay has a midi in and out and seems pretty easy to do, but the reverb has no midi control. Is there a way to do this? Maybe plugin snapshots? I couldn’t figure it out…

Hi Leroy,

You can use the Audio bypass that’s built into Cantabile plugin slots like in this this example.

The bindings are set up to use the bypass when the Song loads and turn it off when the transport starts the second measure. It also turns the bypass back on whenever you hit stop on the transport. These are just examples but give an idea of how you could set your own thing up.

Here are the plugins in my example. Notice the orange bypass icon on the left of each plugin slot indicating they are bypassed and the transport is at the beginning of the track.

Here the bypasses are enabled and gray in color after the 2.1 mark in the transport. It would remain that way until you stopped or if you wanted to use other timeline position bindings to manipulate it more.

Hope this helps, :slight_smile:



I use a slightly different approach, enabling specific audio routes from the mic(s) depending on my rig setup:

[Single mic] In some rig setups, I have a single mic that I need to switch personalities (EQ, Verb, Pan) between “Chat” mode and “Play” mode (for ethnic flutes).

[Dual mics] In others rig setups, I have two mics that are dedicated for “Chat” and “Play”. I just need to switch mics.

I’ve set up my [Rig] rack (that’s in all my song files) to handle both scenarios. For the [Single mic] setup I have a single [MicCP] audio input to the [Rig] rack. For [Dual mics], I route them to the [MicC] (chat) and [MicP] (play) audio inputs. Inside the rack, the setup looks like this:

Each of the audio inputs is routed to plugins that let me control the L-R Pan of their output … the results of discussions on this forum here: How Best to Pan 8 Channels? - #3 by dave_dore.

The setup shown above is when I’m in [Play] mode - the routes to Chat signal path are disabled. In [Play] mode, the routes look like this:

Note that all routes are named, so that they can be controlled.

When in [Chat] mode, the routes look like this:

The bindings to change between Chat and Play mode are fired by Triggers. Here is Trigger #901, which is used to “switch to Chat mode”:

The Triggers are controlled by [F1] and [F2] keys on my PC keyboard:

(The F3-F5 actions are also triggers, that basically perform various levels of Reset on any song. The VLReset is specific to just my VL70-m hardware synth in rigs that use it …)

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Excellent! I’ll give it a try. Thanks, Dave for your knowledge!!!

Good stuff! Thanks, Clint for your input. I’m going to check it.

I wanted to let you know that this did the trick! Thanks again, for all your help!

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