I'm going to try this out as a gigging computer, see what happens

I came across this from a blog post the other day, thought I would try it out. But it won’t ship until September.

The screen is 1280 x 720 which might be an issue with some plugins.


And you can bump it to a 512Gb drive for $50 and still be under $200 at the sale price… pretty sweet! Only 8GB RAM though, that’s rough…

I am already squinting with a 15" screen. I would need a telescope to see it. :grinning:

Cool. Let us know how it works out.

It looks like the 2nd Stretch Goal will be met which means they’ll bump them up to 16gb ram and put in a faster processor. With the HDMI out port I could hook it up to a better screen for those times I need it. For gigging I usually only need MODO Bass, Pianoteq, and LoungeLizard, all of which are pretty light on the CPU.

Last night I changed my main computer to 1280 x 720 to remember what that resolution is like. A lot of my VSTi’s I have bumped up to 150% because they are too small on my big screen. It should be interesting. Waiting for it to ship in September will be hard.

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