I'm Back! From Where I Went To!

-not that you knew I was gone probably, but just played Cruise To The Edge '18 with Glass Hammer and had a great time. Cantabile performed flawlessly as always even though the operator didn’t…

(Almost had a heart attack one time though- I played one show and the CPU usage was just through the roof for no reason I could see. All kinds of stutters and hash and I just had to suffer through it- then about 25 minutes in I see the screen blank out to “WARNING- BATTERY AT 7%” I hadn’t plugged in the laptop and it was running in power saver mode. Got it plugged in right before it shut down…)


Hehe… that’s happened to me during rehearsals several times. Now the stutters are my audible warning that my laptop isn’t plugged in!


It’s a lesson well learned- that’s the one that that totally didn’t occur to me. I’m just sorry I learned it on stage…

What would playing live be without a few crises; human or tech!

Look forward to reading about it in Prog magazine.