iLOK software authorisation issue - Heads Up

Yesterday loaded UVI workstation to discover my sound banks were not authorised. (Software based) Loaded ilok manager and found that I now had a second configuration of the same name but with different serial #s. This is a laptop with no hardware changes so could only assume some windows update had caused something to change even though I had been using the machine the day before without problem. After a restore everything was OK again. I then remembered that one thing I had changed was I disabled both wifi and ethernet devices in Device manager. Sure enough as soon as I did this again the sound banks needed re-authorisation. Luckily this time I was able to enable them again and the authorisations were OK.
Looks like the machine serial # key is not only generated with hardware but hardware state as well. Total rubbish. Just thought I’d raise it in case anybody else suffers this problem. Don’t know If you’re using a USB iLOK whether this applies though.

Hey Chris, what Windows version are you using?



Hi Dave. Windows 10 latest update including Creators. Always take a backup prior to any update, thanks @Neil_Durant. But this was just trying to tweak the system and although Wifi was off device wasn’t disabled which I thought would be a good idea. NOT!

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Have received a reply from iLOK support which clarifies the position

Disabling components via Windows’ Device Manager is equivalent to physically removing (in the operating system’s “eyes”) them from the system. Such a drastic change to a system’s configuration will alter its “fingerprint” which we rely upon.

So there you have it. Make sure when registering software that any devices are in the desired state you would want them in the majority of the time.

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