IK Multimedia Total Studio 2 MAX on offer!

For those of you willing to fill their hard drives with pretty good stuff


On offer until tomorrow, and very good cross-grade offers, if you have HammondB3 or other IK products already. I got mine for 110 Euro’s with some credits I still had there, and I am pleased with the quality.

You get Modo Bass, Sampletank3 (with all extentions!) + Sampletank4 SE + Syntronik (with all extentions!) + TRacks5 Suite + Lurssen Mastering Console, Amplitube 4 MAX, and Miroslav Philarmonik.

Takes some some to download and install, but seeing earlier complaints I think they have improved it, since with me it worked flawlessly.

Have fun, in these troubled times.



I’m a long-time IK user, but really disappointed with Sampletank 4 and its CPU footprint - not really usable live. I suspect it’s because they integrated their T-Racks effects, which aren’t the most CPU-light FX. Same with the IK Hammond - not using their integrated rack effects and adding others instead does a lot for your CPU footprint…

Still, their libraries are pretty decent.



I can get it for $97. I already bought some items included in it that I use every time I create tracks (Fender, Ampeg SVX and Miroslav Philharmonik).

So I would be paying $97 for SampleTank, Syntronik, TRacks and the Mastering Console plus some Amplitube guitar amps I don’t have that I would probably use (Orange for example).

My collection of synth VST’s is lots of free ones plus a handful I bought. I’ve barely paid attention to Syntronik, would it be an upgrade from all my free synth stuff (if it’s free and any good I’ve got it :grinning:)?

Few comments:

  • The included Modo Bass is amazing, also because the developer and co-founder of IK-Multimedia is a bass player
  • Haven’t had the time to play with Syntronik much, but what I have heard so far it sounds good; if you have Omnisphere, a couple of uHe synths and/or the Arturia V-Collection you might already have these sounds; Arturia is also more tweakable; Sound On Sound has some trustworthy reviews on all the IK- M products and they are generally positive.
  • I like SampleTank for certain individual sounds (some amazing acoustic guitars inside e.g., and some good drum libraries with live played loops which are useful if you need them; if Sampletank is usable in a live situation depends I think on the complexity of your song. If you use only a few plugins per song it is fine in my experience. XPand2 would be the lighter variation of SampleTank and is ok in live band context; the samples in SampleTank are a step up in my opinion.
  • TRacks is very good and worth it if you do not already have Waves or similar plugins for compressors, EQ and the like.
  • The Mastering Console is not for live usage, but apparently is very good; have not used that yet

Be ready to have 150Gb or so space on your harddrive… During installation even more; the advise is to keep the install folders, which is another 120 or so Gb. I put those on a separate external disk

For 97 USD I would not have doubts if I were you, but ok it is still 97…

Hope this helps

Hi @Torsten

Yes I still need to experience this. I pulled the trigger mainly because of the Miroslav Philharmonik library, and then getting SampleTank and Syntronik as a bonus. But there’s definetly a set of sounds in SampleTank that I find very good, like the afore mentioned acoustic guitars.
But the IK HammondB3 has me addicted; replaced all my B3 stuff from VB3 and the likes to this one; very tweakable; I can dial any sound I like pretty quickly…

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Yup - that one is an absolute killer! I just deactivate the internal post-leslie-effects and use my usual plugs (mostly FabFilter). The sound is absolutely gorgeous!

Also the Modo Bass is a great production tool - not something I need to use live (our bassists are great), but pretty convincing in my productions when I need to jot down a quick bass line.

I bought it. Here was my reasoning:

  1. I use Amplitube for all guitar and bass recording. My current version was the free Custom Shop with purchased Fender and Ampeg collections. I even spent $10 on several pedals. There were a bunch of amps and cabs I considered adding that even on sale could end up costing $97
  2. I have Waves Scheps channel strip but nothing else. The rest of my effects plugins are freeware so T-Racks will be a step up.
  3. I can transfer the Philharmonik 2 I bought a few years ago ($80) for $19 transfer fee.

I play bass so not sure how much I’ll use Modo Bass (damn machines taking over :grinning: ). I like my freeware synths but it will be fun to check out Syntronik, I’m interested in anyone’s opinion of it.

So basically I bought it for Amplitube and T-Racks and the mastering plugin. Pretty good deal right there.

If you have Scheps ‘only’ you will be quite happy with TRacks! Philharmonik 2 seems also be a step up from V1!

Have fun dowloading and installing. Be patience, it works ok, but you need many steps


I’ve gotten used to how IK does things. It’s actually very simple once you know you have to get the code from the purchase email - put it in Authorization Manager which takes your Account Product Page and download both the program installers and the sounds separately. Their sales offers can be confusing, especially regarding crossgrades and using the points they award during previous purchases. I always end up getting their software for just one quarter the going price which I think is a good value. The Leslie and B-3X i bought at introductory prices because I didn’t want to wait for one of these times.

Reporting back after a week with IK Total Studio 2 Max:

  1. MODO Bass - wow - I’ve been replacing my left hand Hammond bass lines with it - best sounding, easiest to play bass VST I’ve played
  2. The Amplitube Marshalls and Oranges and all the pedals was worth it
  3. The T-Racks and Lurssen Mastering Console probably worth the price
  4. Philharmonik 2 - already have and use it regularly - I can sell the stand alone one I bought last year by purchasing a $19 “transfer license”.

Not so sure about Syntronik, the presets sound good and I do sometimes go that route but still not convinced.

IK has really upped their game in the last 2-3 years. The increasing number of amp sim developers probably forced them to move into other areas. They seem to be doing well right now, and are not slowing development, as others seem to be.