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Has anyone tried out the new IK TONEX. There is a free version and some free presets floating out there to play with. Interesting stuff.

It does integrate with Amplitude 5, but I thought I would first try the TONEX VST2 plugin. When I open the plugin in Cantabile it crashes right away. Not sure where the problem is, but I thought I would check with the Community first.

Hi Lorne

I intended to do a post about Tonex about a week ago, but available time wasn’t in my account. I am using vst3, and what little time I’ve spent on it, there was not a problem. THAT SAID, there are many complaints on the “boards” about crashes and integrations into Amplitube. What I understand is you must be using Amplitube v5.5 to make it work. It does seem to be buggy, but I am sure they will have updates soon. When I get more time to get deeper into it, I will make a new post.



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Thanks Corky. I will try out the TONEX VST3 version to see if it also works for me. With IK Multimedia I usually stick to VST2.

I will also be testing out the Amplitude TONEX. We can compare notes.

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Since I don’t have any guitar amps to “sample”, it’s not an urgent priority for me - I’ll wait until the teething problems have been ironed out. As to “sampled” amps, I’m sufficiently happy with the rig models I can get for TH-U’s rig player - there’s some really good stuff out there, just not community-made; TH-U only allows professionally created rigs.

Since I rarely take the time to submerge into the depths of community impulses for my Kemper or Quad Cortex, I guess, I’ll live with the commercial offerings for TH-U. Definitely good enough for live and studio use…



I was curious on the technology and a lot of the reviews are good. People are sharing their profiles and presets so there we don’t have to do our own profiling. How it translates in your own system is the ultimate test and my initial reaction is positive. I like the edge of breakup and cleans these days so those are on my list of amps to try out.


All the newer version amp sims are stepping up their game, since A.I. technology has appeared on the scene. I am a big fan of Neural DSP, but interested again in IK Multimedia since Amplitube 5 appeared. It really opened my eyes. The newer TH-U rigs are very good. Thanks to hard competition between the developers, we are hearing realism like never before. AND, I am totally happy with that!!

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I’ve got the free Tonex. It only has two bass amps, the tube SVT with 810 cab and the Sansamp Bass Driver DI pedal. They sound good but there is no ability to adjust bass, treble etc. I thought perhaps if I click on “Edit” I might but it brings up a notice that my version doesn’t allow any changes. I’m wondering if in general the “capture” approach limits the ability to model changing parameters like the bass, mid and treble knobs on an amp. I’m getting the impression that you can modify those with a separately provided EQ pre or post which is not really what happens with those knobs on an amp. I don’t see this generally as a problem because most amp sim users save a preset with the knobs where they like them and don’t change them much.

The free version has many limits. I am getting some great results with what little time I’ve had with it. I use it inside Ampltube v5.5, which gives many more variables to use. Amplitube and Tonex posted a recent update clearing out a few bugs.

I change mine a lot when changing guitars, changing powered speakers, and performing in different rooms. The need to tweak never dies. :wink:

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Hi Corky,

Which version did you get - I’m guessing the standard version?


I compared the Tonex SVT with Brainworx in context of a full mix and Brainworx completely outclassed this particular Tonex profile. The biggest issue was the inability to tweak the Tonex amp knobs in an effective manner. You’re stuck with a particular sound only brighter or more muffled, more boomy or less boomy. I own a Sansamp Bass DI and I’ll compare it too, but suspect the same outcome.

For me, amp sim vs profiler isn’t a matter of which is best, its two different tools for two different jobs. For me, the appeal of profiling is to capture my own amps at specific settings that are used in a set list, and even expand to settings I would like to use but cannot because of “how to change them in the middle of a song?” Profiles fix all of that. So imo, as long as you have a profile of a setting you know you want for a particular song, profiling is great. But they are not flexible the way a real amp or a good sim is.

So for me anyway, Tonex would be to capture my real amps, all of which I’ve modified the voicing and gain to suit me. Good sims to do stock amps I don’t own.

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I got the ToneX version, which is 1 step from the Max. I figured I would have more than I could ever use. $50 bucks more than SE.

400 included Tone Models

40 Amps / 20 Pedals

Unlimited Tone Model creation

Unlimited User Tone Model downloads

I already upgraded Amplitube to v5.5 which works with ToneX.

I noticed the difference in price between the limited paid version and the one you bought isn’t that large. I used the IK Product Manager to bring my AT5 up to version 5.5.1 and have tested using Tonex inside Amplitube. The Tonex bass offerings were underwhelming but the guitar amps play well.

BTW, in the past the program installs and sound downloading was tedious and prone to error but the new Product Manager is a breeze to operate.

Did you add a speaker cab? These captures do not contain a speaker. You are basically using amp and fx. Try using an IR.

The ones I tried inside of AT did incorporate the cab. In fact it disabled the cab already there and popped up a message explaining what it did and why. Maybe some do and some don’t, not sure? But I do know a profile can be created with or without cab.

The cabinets in AT are not really great. I use Ownhammer and York IR’s.
I mentioned last year that I happened to run across cabinet IR’s from Neural DSP. Someone, somehow, figured out how to make IR’s out of them. It makes a huge difference with quality IR’s. There is a company now using AI on Celestion speakers, and everyone is drooling over them.

Super easy to make an IR from a product that incorporates one, as long as it can be isolated by turning everything else (amp, FXs) off. Just record a single sample aka “spike” played thru the speaker sim, and the resulting recording is the IR. Of course you need to trim the silence on either side and it doesn’t hurt to standardize length to 200ms.

As for AT cabs being so poor, don’t know what they were thinking ever releasing them… And ditto Ownhammer and York, great stuff. Many of the Celestion IRs are also good. Their dynamic IR or whatever they are calling it complete blows chunks though imo. Demoed it a couple of days and promptly deleted from my machines.

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spike.zip (400 Bytes)

Here is a zipped .WAV that can be used for this purpose.

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