IK Multimedia activations disappearing

IK released Product Manager v1.0.7 today and upon installation my numbers of available activations are cut by more than half for all products compared to last night when I checked them before doing the update. Anyone else seeing this? Or am I just “lucky”? :thinking:

I was on 1.06 which I only updated 2 weeks ago. Now when prompted to update I downloaded 1.08. I’m on Windows.

EDIT: wasn’t able to see number of activations from previous version (does anyone know how to run it even though you’re getting the “out of date” notice?). I’m not really sure if my current activations remaining is lower. I remember it being enough activations that I wasn’t worried about running low on them but now I’m seeing 3-4 authorizations from most products but for some reason T-Racks has only 1 left.

They’ve altered their activation policy but not their EULA. It’s 100% reasonable imo:

"As you have noticed the max number of authorizations has been reduced from 10 to 5 per software.

Although our EULA limits use of our software to 3 machines at a time, because there was no way to unauthorize machines we increased the number of authorizations provided as a work-around, to save users the trouble of contacting support each time they reached their limit.

Since IK’s new Product Manager gives users the possibility to manage authorizations, removing and re-activating them at will, we have reverted our system to previous behavior. With the ability to de-authorize machines as needed, you should never reach the limit of your authorizations.

In the rare case this does happen, just contact us and we’ll take care as always."

The big question I have is: Can I, from the machine I want to authorize (perhaps just installed the IK product manager), pick which machine I want to un-authorize?

I had an authorization issue a while back with AmpliTube and they couldn’t have been nicer about it (they reset my authorizations)

You have to have PM on the machine to unauthorize that machine. I had to reinstall it on some old ones to free them up, but it did work.


I was updating T-Racks and saw the previous permissions.
Did they reconsider?

Mine also went back to the previous amounts of activations left

While we’re on the subject of activations, who knows, maybe they’ll reconsider in UAD, for Waterfall and others, with Ilok necessarily connected to the Internet…

Send them an email asking for digital iLok on computer. Indicate you are using it for live performance.

Bizarre, mine went back to 10 minus actual activations as well. They must have gotten a lot of flack or it isn’t working right for some people. BTBH either way is fine by me since I’m not trying to game the EULA terms.