IK Hammond B-3X $49.99 on sale next 12 days at Audio Deluxe

I’ve bought a lot of stuff thru them, they are legit…


I think it’s because IK is selling it for USD 49.99 on its own.

Yes, I see they are. Oddly they didn’t send me a marketing email and AudioDeluxe did. The AudioDeluxe deal is still a bit better, includes a free plugin (don’t recall what) plus they give a few dollars in “audio bucks” for future purchases. Those were nice when I built my Cherry synth collection thru them.

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Me neither. They flood me with Tonex, which I’m not interested in.

B-3X is, by far, my most used plugin. That is a fantastic deal!!

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Thanks for the heads up. I’ve been wanting to get this and now I have it I can see why it’s rated. Don’t know whether it was because I was a first timer at AudioDeluxe but I got an extra $6.01 off with the coupon AUG2023 which they added automatically. Made it an unbelievable bargain.

Yes, they also do those discounts too, from time to time. You got a great price!