IK Amplitube 4 Fender collections on sale - 70% off

I got an email today from IK - their Amplitube 4 Fender and Fender 2 collections are 70% off so I pulled the trigger on that. Together they were $70 but I got $15 off because of their point system (I guess from buying the Leslie).

I went into each collection and then chose an amp and then tested all the presets for that amp. Some of them have pedals and rack effects. A few times I had to turn off the Cantabile engine because the preset would stop responding and at the same time get stuck on what I would call amp hum feedback. I’m pretty sure the problem is Amplitube but thought I would mention this happening. I was using my desktop system I mostly use for Reaper with my old Lexicon Alpha.

These amps sound very good, I especially like the 53 Bassman and the 65 Super Reverb from the Fender 2 collection. I probably would have been happy just buying the Fender 2 but I figured for $30 might as well get the original collection also.

I’m going to play guitar for a tune through my Cantabile rig next time we play out to see what that’s like.

I think the problem I mentioned above is being caused by the Lexicon Alpha USB interface. It only happens when I adjust the input gain on the instrument input