Identifying a rack within a rack


I have met a problem that I can’t solve.
I have a linked rack (let’s call it “mixer”) that contains another rack (let’s call it “VU meter”).
I’d like to set a binding which allows to open the “VU meter” rack editor when a midi message is received. So I have tried to use as target of the binding the “Rack by Index/Name” item, which contains the “Open Rack Editor” function, but only the names of the racks visible on the main song view are shown (e.g. the “mixer” rack) and not the names of the racks contained in these racks.
How should I do?


Hi Giovanni,

To do this you need to use multiple bindings to relay to the object you want. e.g.

Song level binding sends CC10 momentary to 1st “linked” rack

inside that rack the binding recieves the CC and passes it to the destination “embedded” rack

The embedded rack with the meter in it has this binding inside it and it toggles the GUI from there

Hope this helps :grinning:



Thank you very much, Dave. But I don’t want to open the plugin GUI but the embedded rack editor


Sorry Giovanni, my bad, I misunderstood. I’ll have to think about that one, an interesting problem!




That would be done using the original CC from the song level binding to the linked rack of choice as in my previous example

the binding in the linked rack is this one which will open the embedded rack editor

Will this do it?




Thanks again, Dave, you are very kind. However I presume that your binding opens the editor of the rack shown on the song view, not the editor of the rack embedded in it. As I have written I can’t find the embedded rack in the list shown by the “Rack by Index/Name” target.


Hi Giovanni,

No, sorry, it was to the embedded rack, but to be sure it makes sense here is a generic example with named objects.

Song level has one linked rack

and one binding that goes to the linked rack

inside the opened Linked Rack there is an embedded rack named Embedded Rack

and it (the Linked Rack level) has a binding that accepts the CC message from song level and uses it to open the rack editor for the Embedded Rack.

So the CC binding at song level and the relay binding in the linked rack level combine to open the rack editor for the embedded rack that is inside the linked rack from the song level.




You’re completely right, Dave.
I am really stupid! I was looking for the embedded rack in the list of the “Rack by Index/Name” item whilst it is shown in the main target list.
Really many thanks, for your patience as well.


Hey, no worries Giovanni, I’m very pleased it is figured! The options are many so it is understandable to be learning new avenues all the time. On a related topic the newest experimental build 3644 has control buttons right on the rack slots that can be bound to various tasks like this. Very cool new feature … In your use you could take say Custom Button One, label it “Erk” or something to show it’s for the Embedded Rack

then you could put a binding like this inside that linked rack that did the open of the Embedded rack.

So one click on the custom button on the linked rack opens the rack editor for any embedded rack in that linked rack. You could set up up all 3 custom buttons to open 3 different embedded racks for example as another use. Might come in handy as well.



Thanks for the information, Dave. It’s a very nice feature. I didn’t know it.
Have a Happy Easter.