I9 9900 or ryzen 7 3700x?


What the best choose for new pc Intel i9 9900 or and ryzen 3700x (or maybe 3900x)?


Hi Talgia,

The i9-9900KS and the Ryzen 9 3900X are both very very fast chips, the Ryzen has an edge in multi-core performance which I don’t think you would perceive running most music software. I would go with the Intel for compatibility. I’m always happy to see someone buy the most powerful cpu they can afford at the time. It usually buys you extra months/years of use. OTOH you can probably dial back the CPU specs a bit and put it toward more GB of RAM and storage. Also there are higher spec PCIe 4.0 SSDs which would speed things up more than buying the absolutely fastest CPU (so far looks like only AMD boards support that).


I would say Ryzen. For the price, performance, small build (less heat generation compared to intel cpu chips). and the compatibility with early modeled motherboards. I just delivered just such a computer in a 1U rack space. Here is the specifications: Ryzen 3900x 3.9Ghz 12 core; 128Gigs of ram; (2) Gen3 1T Nvme solid state drives with a data transfer rate of 3.5G/s which is 3x faster than the standard Sata3 solid state drives; Usb 3.1 on all ports and two Thunderbolt 3 ports. All of this plus my labor just came to $3100.oo. If you are running multiple virtual instruments, you will need a cpu with more cores than the standard i7. I build my gig-rig computers with “extended” specs for live gig stability and my Ryzen based computers have been great…


Could I ask what cpu “compatibility” do you speak of???


Thanks for suggestion. In the end I chose 9700k because I found a good discount.


No difference really - people claim the Intel, because it runs cooler and therefore needs less fan, is more compatible for music oriented use. Your builds are probably even more quiet because you choose the right cooling components.


Would love to see photos of the 1U Ryzen 3900x “gig-rig” if you can share.




Im using a Motu Ultralite AVB interface on the bottom. The is a Gator 2U water tight wheeled travel case. I dont leave home without it…lol


Also im using a wearable display from Amazon to handle display duties .


Had no idea something like the VuFine existed. How long is the cable you use to connect it?


Its about 3ft but I found a thinner one thats 6 ft. I’ve been using it for 3 years on all of my "gigs’. I dont have to bring my usb aoc 16 screen and I can stay compact.


Will it work with sunglasses? :sunglasses: