I want to go with laptop rig, but here are the difficulties in doing it

First I’ll tell you why I want a laptop rig:
I just unsatisfied with how every keyboard synth\workstation, even the best and most expansive, is so limited to its own internal sound engine\few sound engines.
Eventually every keyboard will be lacking in many things I really like, even the most expansive high end workstations. With a laptop I can bring all best of all worlds to my rig.
Of course I can pass a gig easily with just one keyboard like KORG Krome EX 61, Yamaha MODX6, Roland FA-06, which are all examples of very portable keyboards, and relatively(to hardware synths) very good sounding.
But it’s a matter of what I like and not just what I need.

Few years ago I purchased Cantabile thinking to go into laptop rig route, asked here lots of questions, I had much less experience back then, eventually, I got a MODX6, which has many good and usable sounds, and got along with it.

Now I’m much more experienced, and it seems like technology got more advanced meanwhile, with touchscreen laptops, and VSTs like KORG Triton. So I’m considering the laptop route again.

I have now a new Roland FA, which has internal audio interface. I tested it few days ago, it seems it can handle VST instruments well. So that already simplify the laptop route for me(I also prefer its action much over the MODX’s action which personally limiting me, mainly because of the narrower keys spacing of the MODX and my large hands and thick fingers).

Now, my situation is that I mobilize via public transportation. So taking me a Roland FA-06(or a MODX6 or a KORG Krome EX 61) is not an issue for me. I like to take a keyboard with me on a backpack, if I’m not mistaken many laptops are slim and small enough to be placed in the secondary pocket of a keyboard bag(depends how the keyboard bag\backpack is built of course, but it is easily possible to sew such a bag).

The main problem I left with is laptop stand. I need an ultraportable laptop stand, something that can be placed on a secondary pocket of a backpack as well, and is very stable.
I also think, is seems possible to me to hang another bag on the keyboard backpack. But it has to be a bag that built for that, do you know who produce and sell such bags? That will simplify things even more, because I could put all my equipment on my back easily, and a sandwich on the go as well, with something to drink(sometimes I’m on the road long hours just in order to get to a rehearsal).

Ultimately I rather bring with me a whole keyboard stand with a laptop stand built-in, because too many times I was in places with poor keyboard stands, but I’ll have to find some patent in order to attach the keyboard stand to my keyboard backpack first. Maybe you have some ideas how to do that fellows?
I will be really thankful if so.

Thanks in advance for very advice.

Just brainstorming - perhaps a scooter that is also a laptop stand? :grinning:

I’m kidding - if a small platform stand was made of aluminum it would be very light weight