I want this ! New spectrasonics Keyscape!


Hello !
It’s not directly cantabile related , but there’s a new product coming from spectrasonics for us ,keyboards lovers !
And so many of us already use Omnisphere , I think this one is gonna be huge !



What do you think ?


Phwoooar, that does look rather good.



Hmmmmm, yummy!

But I’m afraid that with 88 GB of sample data, it will not be practical for live use :frowning: - probably prohibitive loading times…


I think it s 77 GB of sample data , and there is a lite install with the most common instruments which is 30GB only


Technical Specifications
• Huge 77 GB library with over 500 sounds, 36 Instrument Models and Hybrid “Duo” Patches
• Deeply Multisampled sounds with up to 32-way velocity switching, Round Robins, etc
• Mechanical Noise, Pedal Noise and Release Noise behavior modeling
• Patches feature authentic circuit modeled amps and effects
• Optional “Lite” installation (30 GB) for stage use
• Omnisphere® 2 integration



As I understand, the “Lite” version only reduces disk space requirements, but doesn’t have reduced sample layers etc. So there will still be some loading times. But maybe with a fast SSD drive, this will work out.

And with the option of building your own hybrid sounds in Omnisphere, this will be a super-crazy monster. Guess I’ll have to get this once it’s released - only 10 days to go!

And with Spectrasonics’ licensing model, it will also be very practical for live use: no dongle, and licensing on as many machines as I need (includes my backup machine…).

Hmmm, serious GAS developing here…




Testing it On my Yoga pro2 with i7 8 gb ram and ssd internal…

Very processor hungry. Much more than the UVI Ravenscroft Piano.

Even with thinning on, and 16 voices, I have tried the Yamaha Grand ( beautiful sounding) with:
Motu ultralite: 256- glitches, 512- ok
Traktor2 - same
Asio4all 256- ok, interesting that this is the best so far.
Also, the Wasapi driver seems to be missing so I can’t try that…Any ideas on how to reinstall or repair the Wasapi.

Next, I’ll try using it within Omnisphere to see if there is any change.


Ooops, I havent upgraded to Omnisphere2. Thats the only way to use Keyscape within Omni… another $200. It will put more demand on the processor anyway.


I’m sorry for you Gregg , my laptop seems to handle Keyscape without a glitch (core i7 , 16Go Ram , SSD) , even at 128 (with my RME Babyface) :pensive:
The C7 is really great , Indeed , and luckily I don’t have to thin anything to make it work , just using the default settings (32 voices )
…Just my 2 cents :sweat:


Which laptop model do you have…?


It’s an ASUS N56VZ-S4136V , with core i7 3610QM , 16 Go Ram (Corsair Vengeance SO-DIMM 16 Go (2 x 8 Go) DDR3 1600 MHz CL10) , SSD 1To (samsung evo 850) , HD 1To 7200 rpm replacing the optical drive
Not particulary new model (I think it was released in 2012) , but I equipped it with good components…


Hi Everyone,

I have Keyscape, and the details in this lib are growing on me (despite the girth!). I am running on a ‘skull canyon’ (i7, 32g, 2 - 1TB SSDs). Operation seems pretty smooth and glitch free so far.

Big sample sets (like the C7) typically take around 10 secs to fully load … but Spectrasonics have done something quite interesting in their sample loading scheme. They seem to load enough of the sample set to create a ‘preview’ within the first second or so. This allows you to play some of the instrument while the complete set of samples is still loading.

Other sample sets don’t take as long to load. Typical load times are 5-10 seconds, but this ‘preview’ is quite usable nearly instantly.

The EPs are gorgeous, and give me a huge perception that I’m sitting in front of the real-deal when I close my eyes.

The layers (called ‘duos’) also sound like a well blended recording.

The thing that Keyscape seems to lack (in comparison to Omnisphere) is the ability to manage duos (ie Create new ones, change existing ones, …) and the ability to change the configuration of effects that are on each patch. I have yet to explore the Keyscape libs in Omnisphere though.

So far, I’m diggin’ Keyscape!

Kevin L


I’ve experienced some funny stuff using keyscapes in Cantabile. Often the sample sets will decide not to load and I need to manually go in and recheck on the patch in order to remind keycapes to load the patch when the plugin opens. Sometimes the C7 loads but will have a weird half damper release sound and not the full sample set.

The clav’s and Rhodes sample sets are insanely playable. I love how you can assign the damper to a custom control and have all the degrees of dampening on the sound as you play. The sounds really fool you into thinking you’re playing a real instrument.

If it’s good enough for this guy: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IIt_32N6e_0

…It’s probably good enough for me.


What amount of samples are you running on that skull canyon? My laptop has a 7700HQ but keyscape is so damn cpu hungry! What’s your latency and stuff?