I Need Different MIDI Transpose for Same Rack...Different Songs

I have to believe this is a nothing burger, but I haven’t been able to figure out now to do it.

I have a plug in in a rack and I want some songs to transpose. When I change the transpose on the MIDI route on the rack it changes it for every song. When I remove the input route from the rack and create one for each song, the plug in doesn’t make any sound. It shows MIDI activity but no sound.

I suspect I’m missing something very basic here…any help…please!


Hi @tonemaster

The easiest way to set this up is to route MIDI from the song to the racks MIDI In and then from there to the plugin. You can then setup different transpose settings on each song.

Sounds like that’s what you’ve tried but it’s not working?

Perhaps post some screen shots of your song and the rack file and I’ll take a look.


Thanks Brad. I figured this out and I think it was a problem with the Fishman Triple Play VST.

Anyway, I made some changes to the Fishman set up and the amazing Cantabile midi routes are working as described!

Thanks again!


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