I Just Acquired a Cathedral Pipe Organ!

This is not a Cantabile related post but I’m just too excited about this not to share it with you all!

Here’s a copy of a post I just made on the REAPER forum about my latest acquisition…

I Just Acquired a Cathedral Pipe Organ!!!
Yep. A real life, full size, cathedral pipe organ with 650 pipes!!

Yesterday, I officially became the new owner of one of Australias historical pipe organs and it will be moved from its current location in Adelaide City to my studio in November.
I’m still pinching myself to check whether or not I am actually awake or just dreaming!!!

I played it in its current venue yesterday and, as one would expect from such an instrument, it sounds incredible!!

I’ll be posting regular updates here for those who wish to follow along with this project.
For now, here’s some more details about it and a few photos…

Built by Whitehouse Bros, Brisbane, 1957
Enlarged 1989 George Stephens, Adelaide
2 manuals, 14 speaking stops, 7 couplers, electro-pneumatic action


This view shows only a few of the pipes. I’ll post more soon.

An instrument of this size requires a little more than a standard power outlet. Fortunately, I have three phase power in my studio. Here’s the mains power panel for this organ. The motor control on the right is for the main wind blower motor which is a 2.5 hp, 415 volt, three phase unit.


Cool. You’ll have to do Yes’s “Awaken” on it. :slight_smile:

BTW: Lovely spot Adelaide. Have stopped over there a few times en-route to Woomera, when I have done work out there.

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Wow! That’s going to be a crazy project. Cant wait to see your final installation!

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Heavens above!!
What an acquisition!!!

(MIDI?) :monkey_face:

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And the plan on getting it to a gig is… :rofl: :sweat_smile:

Maybe this…?