I have a question

Hi everyone, I kindly ask you if you can help me: I’m trying cantabile lite and I would like to know how to connect the media player karafun and the midiplayer vanbasco (my midi sinth is coolsoft virtual midi sinth)to cantabile and how to save the various performances (if can do it in cantabile lite) thanks.

Hi @Elvis and welcome to the forum!

I admit that I am not familiar with the software you mention. I have seen that it is mainly for karaoke. So I assume that you would be using Cantabile just for adding effects or for recording.

If you want to exchange MIDI data between Cantabile and other software (e.g. vanbasco) you need some “virtual midi cable” running on your PC (I use loopmidi, for instance). Loopmidi appears as a MIDI port in Cantabile (Tools->Options->MIDI Ports) and you can use it either for input or for output.

If you want to exchange audio data with Cantabile within your PC, you need a “virtual audio cable” like VB-CABLE or even a more complicated app like Voicemeeter.

I am not sure what you mean with “how to save the various performances”. If you mean “how to record them”, then I think you can’t. AFAIK, Cantabile Lite has no recording option (Cantabile Solo and Performer both have this possibility and much more).


Thank you so much gabriel. Karafun is a player midi & video Karaoke like cdg. Thank you again.