I am thinking about to buy KOMPLETE KONTROL

…but then I don’t have any buttons to change plugins in a song in Cantabile Solo.
Are there anyone who uses KOMPLETE KONTROL and CANTABILE that can tell me how they do. I can of course use the keyboards keys for binding, but maybe someone have an another solution.
I have a Rocktron Midixchange foot pedal, can I use that one to change plugins in a song?


Hi @kalle

My only concern with Komplete Kontrol is that is seems NI is fairly determined to keep the specs on controlling the displays/leds on the device to themselves. I’ve asked them about details on this so Cantabile could programatically configure the knobs/displays etc… but so far they haven’t replied. ie: not sure how well I’m going to be able to support this keyboard. ie: probably only the basic MIDI capabilities will work.

On the other hand, I’ve asked Novation about programmatic control of their SL MkII and got an answer within a day or two, with detailed docs covering the entire device’s capabilities.

I can’t comment on other aspects however…


I have an S-88 using Komplete Kontrol.
The main thing with KK is that you will only load one VSTi per instance of the KK plugin.
So, you can have several instances running, each having a different VSTi, and you switch between instances using the “Instance” button on the keyboard.

If I understood your situation a little better, I may be able to give you some more concrete examples.

Also, if the Rocktron Midixchange pedal can come in as its own MIDI device on a channel, then you should be able to bind to that to do some things. I’m on Cantabile Performer, though – I am not familiar with the limitations of using Solo.


To clarify this:

  • Cantabile Solo does support bindings
  • It obviously doesn’t support bindings to things not supported by Solo (eg: states)
  • It doesn’t support reverse bindings (ie: bindings from inside Cantabile to outside)


Thanks for your answers Brad and Terry.
I will explain my quite simple needs for you. I am quite happy to just have the possibility change VSTi in a song that I have programmed in the Set List in Cantabile. And it could be good to even have the possibility to change the main volume as well.
I am not interested of to improvise sounds during the live situation, I prefer to have the sounds programmed a month before to feel safe :slight_smile:
Do you think I can bind some buttons on KK to do this? …at least change VSTi (objects in a song if you will call it like that).

I just want to add that since I use Cantabile instead of the Sampletank 3 standalone function to use the Sampletank sounds, I don’t have any pc crashes problems. I am very very happy with Cantabile :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:

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This should work - check the Komplete Kontrol user guide (here) in the section MIDI Mode. Looks like it works as a fairly flexible standard MIDI controller, but you won’t get the fancy feedback on the displays.

Now I feel guilty Brad that you read the KK manual for me when I should have done it myself. And earlier you downloaded Sampletank 3 to help me.

At least I have done something now and I have downloaded the CONTROLLER EDITOR manual and I was very happy to find this information, for who is interested:

On the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES keyboard, the following control elements can be assigned to MIDI commands:
(1) Touch Strips: Both Touch Strips can be assigned to MIDI messages.
Using Your KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES Keyboard Assignable Control Elements

(2) Pedal and footswitch inputs: Both the pedal (EXPRESSION) and stereo footswitch (SUSTAIN) inputs (on the rear panel of your keyboard) can be assigned to MIDI messages. Furthermore, the SUSTAIN input is a stereo input: You can assign messages to the tip and ring inputs independently. For more information, see section ↑, Settings for the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES Keyboards (1–4).
(3) Knobs 1–8: The rotate action on the touch-sensitive Knobs 1–8 can be assigned to MIDI messages. Furthermore, the displays underneath show you the names and current values of the
knobs’ assignments — for more details, see section ↑23.4.1, Visual Feedback on the Displays.
(4) Keybed area: The keys of your keyboard are of course assignable as well. The Keybed area allows you to define various Key Zones with distinct MIDI assignments — this is described in detail in section ↑23.3, Defining Key Zones. Furthermore, your keys send MIDI Aftertouch data, as described below.

…so at home I can play with the fancy knobs integrated with the software and in a live situation I can switch over to midi mode to controlling Cantabile :clap::clap::clap:.


Yes, that item really got my gizmo-tinkerer brain center stimulated! Thanks for reminding me! I haven’t fooled around much yet with the MIDI mode, but it is pretty extensive. What’s really nice is how you can create templates for different situations with completely different setups and load those on the fly, and even set one of those to be the default setup for when you are running “unplugged” from the computer. Also, the fact that the “Instance” button can move you not only between separate instances of the Komplete Kontrol plugin, but also into and out of MIDI mode anytime.

I also have the Maschine Jam, and its MIDI mode implementation is extreme! (Every button assignable! Eight touch strips!)

I really should dive into both and set up some templates!