Hub Recommendations

I am in need of a minimum 10 slot hub. I currently have one, but it has had some issues, so I’m looking to upgrade. I am soliciting your favs and why. All input appreciated.


I have several powered hubs from Plugable, and they have been excellent.

  • Paul

I’m using an “Amazon Basics” ten ports USB 3 hub. I bought it from Italian Amazon, don’t know if the same product is overseas available. This is my ports list:

  • Keyboard 1 (powered port)
  • Keyboard 2 (powered port)
  • External SSD (powered port)
  • iLok 1
  • iLok 2
  • eLicenser
  • MIDI interface
  • Line 6 pedal
  • Spare port
  • Spare port

For reference, this is the link to the local Amazon product page.


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Steve, whatever you chose, make sure it is “powered”(meaning uses an electrical plugin to power it). Also, DO NOT buy one with a plastic casing. I learned the hard way to use one with a sturdy metal case.
Once you get over 4 slots, the power and communication decreases for the remaining additional slots. I did a lot of research, and found, even though the slots are powered by electrical connection, windows usb ports divides the communication and power to the 1st 4 ports, then remaining ports decline in power and communication. I have a 7 port, but always use the 1st 4 ports for priority devices, such as keyboards, and pedals. Other ports go to wireless mouse and lesser used devices.




This is great advice! I knew about the powered part, but not about over 4 slots part.

  • Paul

I always use powered hubs. That’s what I have currently. I go direct to the PC for just that reason. I am going fishing here to see what I catch. I need those 10 ports now, but anticipate less, if a new rig rework takes shape. I’m scoping out what I can from where I can. Come one, come all :smile:

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This why I have a slimline desktop with multiple usb ports. I can always add more usb cards, that way I have direct contact without any loss.

Hmmm, 10 ports, 3 keyboards, 1 Audio Interface, 3 pedals, 2 charging ports for tablets, and 1 port for wireless mouse. Damn Steve…have you become an octopus? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

That’s what I’m currently doing. 3 of the inputs are for wireless mouse, keyboard and modem. Essentially now I have a 10 port of which 3 are for charging. All keys and essential devices are direct

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I have used the StarTech ST1030USBM units at work. Metal case, USB 3.0, rock solid. We use an old laptop power supply to juice it.

They aren’t cheap… probably $160. But they are “industrial grade.”


Rick…can you tell me how many of those ports you use and what you have in each?

I don’t use one for my “musical stuff.” I work in IT for a company that manufactures material handling equipment. In some of our equipment, we use industrial mini computers (think the next step up from a NUC) to handle management functions. They oversee the PLCs that do the machine control. We use the StarTech units to connect certain imaging and sensing equipment to the management end of things. They are USB3, sometimes 8 ports, and quite a lot of data is typically passing through them. I’d be surprised if it didn’t handle musical traffic. You can get more of the specs on the StarTech web site ( You can also email their technical support group.

We also use their 7 port USB3 industrial units.