How's the Forum?

Hey All,

This forum’s been up for a couple of weeks now and I think it’s working out quite well. Some of the discussion has been very interesting. I personally like much of the discussion in the Related category since it gives me better insight into the environments in which Cantabile works.

Anyway, I’m wondering what everyone else thinks? Are you happy with the forum? Is it useful? Anything missing, need changing, not working or other suggestions?

Also, thanks to everyone who’s been getting involved - especially those who’ve stepped in with answers while I’ve been busy coding. It takes people to make a community and I was dreading this might end up as a ghost town - but so far so good!


A manual or a product guide is great but you can’t replace the ideas, devices and methods that different users can share with each other on a site like this. I am going into a new round of setting up for gigging and the ideas and help have been very useful. Having a say in the development discourse has been great as well, I feel like a lot of little details that make using computers for music easier have been getting gathered in Brad’s brain for future development, but now the ones we share are also at this new site. Some of the ideas already discussed are brilliant and the people have offered them generously. The only little things I might ask for would be having some of the links between the commercial site and the community site, like the user guide you already pinned. I could see having the current latest stable and experimental builds either shown or linked to as well as the build history. Other than that this place is great! :smile:


Thanks Dave.

More links to the commercial site is a good idea, but right now the v3 builds aren’t public. Once they are I’ll put up the links here.


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