How using my nanokontrol 2 with VB3-II?

Hi there
I crawled the guide, this forum and others, but I didn’t find a clear guide (no videos please, I grew chewing books :grinning:), and I am still unable to have my nanokontrol 2 recognized by Cantabile

In the best scenario I had Microsoft and/or the Korg editor seeing it, but even then no mackie/nanokontrol 2 appeared in Cantabile :thinking:

What am I missing?

I have used the nanokontrol2 with VB3, VB3-II and VB3m. I went into Tools>Options>MIDI Ports. Make sure the nanoKONTROL2 shows up and is checked:


Thanks for the tip
My problem is that it is recognized in Windows devices, not by Cantabile… :cold_face:

Don’t use your Nanokontrol as a Mackie controller. Cantabile is not a Mackie-compliant DAW. You will need to create a binding for each parameter that you want to control (e.g. a slider to a drawbar etc.).

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Yes, sorry I was thinking to something else
The nano is another story

a bad story anyway, and the reason why I started hating MIDI controllers since I bought these paperweights :grinning:

Luckily enough, they aren’t essential in my workflow

about binding, it is out of my capacity of understanding at the moment

Hi Claudio,

Have you installed the KORG KONTROL editor - I think it might install a driver.

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Here’s my battery powered VB3m setup. Uses an old Pixel 4a and an EMU Xboard49 - runs about 2 hours off the phone battery. There’s a Behringer UC202 behind the phone.

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Yes, but nano in the Kork editor says “not connected” SIGH
Just MS Windows sees it

You are lucky

My controller is bewitched, clearly
or I just bought a lemon


it seems connected in the driver, not in the editor…
But I read that Windows hates Midi inputs over 10…

Device manager…

We could use a picture of your MIDI ports in Options. Specifically the NanoKontrol port. Open the port for editing and check all the checkboxes to see if you are connected or disconnected. It will show you if your port is disconnected. It can happen when you plug in to different USB ports on the PC.


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It is not there…
Cantabile (and Ableton Live 11 also) don’t see it

Quite oddly, a dwarf appeared only now in the MIDI clock field :upside_down_face:

I tried to add the controller, and it seems there now, but its name is strange to me


Yea, but the name you will use in Cantabile will just be NanoKontrol 2 which is what you named your ports so the names you see for the checkboxes are supplied by the nanoKontrol’s USB MIDI driver.

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OK; now the Korg editor sees it

I suspect I have to map it manually, hoping that the mapping will be graved in the controller metal frame :grinning:, and will never disappear…

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Glad you got it going! :slight_smile:


Sure, but now I have to map the Hammond and I think to remember they changed the process
I’ll go for the VB3 guide

thanks for now, to you all
great and helpful community, just like the Scaler one
:+1: :+1:

Well, after the success with the nano I felt myself brave enough :rofl: to address my MIDImix due to the fact it has 9 sliders (like VB3), compared to the nano that has just 8, and MIDImix was onboarded

The problem is that both controllers have 2 options to be mapped, that is in the Editor or in the plugin, and I don’t know what is the best one :cold_face:

I tried to map the nano into the VB3-II but nothing happened, yuk

I tried to map it into the Editor, but I don’t understand what values are defaulted nor how changing values

Sorry this isn’t helpful but I do wonder why they removed a fader from the 1st nanokontrol which has 9. It’s almost like the industry of midi controllers is against software tonewheel organs.

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Luckily enough AKAI MIDImix is different with 9 sliders, and I was apparently able to set those 9 sliders to the VB3-II ones, but nothing happened in Cantabile :crying_cat_face:

well, later this evening I’ll try it again

If VB3 isn’t responding to the sliders, do you have the input port connected to the midi in on VB3?
Or do you have bindings between the midi controller and the VB3 parameters?