How to use Catanya arpeggiator VST with Cantabile?

I tried to use Catanya arpeggiator VST but I can’t figure out how to make the proper setup.

Does someone knows how to make it work?



Unfortunately, 7Aliens seem to be out of business for some time, so couldn’t find any download for Catanya to try it. You could look at Cream by Kirnu or Nora by Squaredheads as a replacement.

In general, arpeggiators are used as a MIDI effect, so you create a MIDI route from your keyboard to the arpeggiator plugin, then another MIDI route from the arpeggiator plugin to your VST instruments. Last, of course, an audio route from your VST instrument to Main Output. That should do it.




So I changed Catanya to MIDI out instead of Stereo Out and it did the trick!

It’s time a to play… :canada: