How to unlink song states

Once two states are linked, is there a way to unlink them? Am I missing something obvious?

Hi Lee,

There’s nothing explicit for this, but you can simple load one of the linked states, then save a new state with the loaded state and then delete the unwanted linked state.

I did consider adding unlink states when I originally wrote this, but put it off for the moment.

Anyway, logged it for later.


Ok, I see what you’re saying- use the Insert menu to create a new state. That will work. The reason I asked about unlinking was that after I created a linked state for Verse 2, I decided I wanted to change settings in one of the plugins, but then that change was mirrored in the Verse 1 state.

It would be very useful unlink state in an easer way. I see Brad is coding about it right now ahah. Thank you Brad.

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