How to switch drum kits within Superior drummer 3?

Can you tell me what version I would need to change drum kits within Superior drummer 3 while triggering with my Roland drum kit via midi ? Also where can I find information on how to do it ?

Thanks you for any help !

Hi Superior3,

I’ll go over some options to consider

First, only the Solo and Performer versions can do bindings which is what you need to be able to assign an action on the Roland kit to trigger the drum kit change

I would first load the Lite version and try switching kits using the mouse in the interface just to see how it works. There are some options on how presets are handled in Cantabile. The default way is good if you want to load an entirely different SDX/EZX and kit.

When I first used Cantabile (the Lite edition) I made 8 songs, each song had a different instrument VST and I just incremented through the songs to change sounds. If this is for in the studio/rehearsal space use and you have WiFi you could take an old phone and use it as a remote touchscreen to switch songs using the Cantabile Network Server. If you go that route ask here about how to run a little batch file in the Cantabile 3.0 folder called ConfigureNetwork.bat with the parameter “install” from a command prompt. I know that sounds convoluted but the Network Server feature is still “experimental”. That procedure configures the Windows firewall so you can reach the Cantabile server. It’s simply a webserver your phone can browse to that can control Cantabile. I find it reliable.

The Solo version would suffice for switching kits in Superior Drummer 3 using what are called “Bindings”. Here are some ways you can do it:

  1. Use a spare pad, assign an unused note to it and then “bind” that note to the action to increment to the next preset (kit). If you have something like the Roland SPD you could bind another unused pad to decrement to the previous preset (kit). We can help you with that if you decide to go that route.
  2. Use a USB foot controller - something like the Behringer FCB1010 or Tech 21 MIDI Mouse. You could assign individual pedals to call up different presets.

I have the Performer version and I’m using two generic momentary foot pedal switches plugged into my second eDRUMin’s hi-hat foot pedal input (that’s actually an AudioFront MIDI Expression).

Hi thanks for the reply !, I have downloaded and installed the solo version as recommended. So I would like to use a pad on my Roland drum kit " Tom 1" as it is a dual trigger. I want to use this pad to alternate between 2 different kits in Superior Drummer 3, But the only way I see so far is to open 2 separate instances of Superior with a different kit on each? I really don’t want to do that as it will use up a ton of memory ! Is there another way to do this ?

How do I assign that pad to change between them ? I looked at some of the info but don’t fully understand the prosses.

Thanks !

You can use “plugin Snapshots” - somewhat like presets, please watch @brad’s videos and read the respective guides…

You load and customize a drum kit in Superior 3 and create a plugin snapshot from it (simply lock the current snapshot) - then switch to another snapshot / preset and load a different kit. Now you can switch back and forth between them by selecting presets in Cantabile.

Next, you create a binding in Cantabile that reacts to the trigger (you can use MIDI learn to find the correct note) and then switches back and forth between the two presets on the Superior plugin.

That’s it in theory - BUT:

  • that switching will need to unload the current drum kit and load the new one - in Superior 3, this can take a looooooooong time.
  • so, realistically, if you want to switch kits “live”, there is no alternative but to load both and then use song states and bindings to activate / de-activate the routes from your MIDI input to those two kits
  • if you want fast switching times, you’ll need tons of memory for sample-based instruments - that’s just the way it is



Here are things I’ve experimented with:

  1. Setup mutliple instances of Superior Drummer with different kits loaded. One thing to keep in mind here is drummers aren’t playing any other instruments usually so a few instances of Superior Drummer wasn’t a problem with my 8GB Lenovo laptop. I avoided loading those 4GB kits though, kit’s were from 800MB to about 2GB.
  2. Loaded multiple songs each with a different kit. I switched the songs from a WiFi connected android phone. The default view (didn’t have to change the Cantabile Network Server home page) was Set List so just a touch and I was on the next song. My 2012 i5-3360 (2.8Ghz) with a Crucial 1TB SSD switches song/kit in 3-4 seconds.
  3. Once I got my second eDRUMin and was able to access it’s MIDI Expression input I plugged in a PS-25 switch (Quicklok simple momentary switch you might buy for sustain).
  • Then I set the eDRUMin pedal to “Program Change” from value 1 to 8.
  • I then set the Cantabile preset mode to snapshot as Torsten recommends.
  • Then while at Preset 1 I set everything for the current kit in Superior Drummer VST to how I wanted it. Everything gets saved, the edrum midi note assignments, articulations as well as SDX and kit.
  • Then I moved to Preset 2 and chose a different SDX/Kit and settings. Each time I save the Cantabile song file just to make sure I don’t lose these preset settings. I’m not saving in Superior Drummer at all.
  • Once presets 1 through 8 kit snapshots are saved I can move to the next kit with a short tap on the PS-25 footswitch. I can go back to the previous kit with a longer press of the footswitch. The eDRUMin MIDI Expression input functionality allows for this.

One thing I’ve noticed is that I can make a SDX/Kit for Preset 4 snapshot and then just change the snare in the identical SDX/Kit in Preset 5 and the switch takes just a second or two.

Now that I’ve bragged about how great the setup is with an eDRUMin I need to answer your question about how to use your pad center and rim notes to switch kits.

One way would be to use a single Cantabile Song with two Superior Drummer 3 presets and bind the program change to jump to that preset. When you right click on the Preset 1 you can chose create binding. It will ask you to send some MIDI value. Hit the center of the pad. At this point you get a list of 4 possibilities. I’m going by memory but I’m pretty sure you can choose something like bind note to program change for current preset. Then go to the next preset and do the same again but use the rim hit. I should really go and check these steps, I’m going by memory. Maybe Torsten could correct me if needed?

No need for binding notes to program changes - you can bind notes directly to plugin presets:

(I’ve used a different plugin, since I don’t have Superior installed on this machine, but the principle stays the same)-

But at the risk of repeating myself: switching presets this way will result in LOOOOONG loading times. I’d rather load two instances of Superior drummer and use Note bindings to activate / deactivate the routes to those two instances:

Important: to be able to bind to routes, you first have to name them: Bindings - Cantabile - Software for Performing Musicians

Of course, you could also create two song states with different routes activated and use Note bindings to switch between those two song states.

There are always multiple ways to achieve things in Cantabile :wink:



Questions for Superior3:

  1. Are you going to use this for live performances?
  2. How many different SDX / Kits would you use?
  3. Are some changes just a different snare or kick (just swapping out some elements)?