How to setup for a medley band?

Hi Guys,
I’m setting up many songs for a coverband that has allot of song switches.
How do you guys do this?
Song by song, which switches not fast enough?
Or with States, but also has some working probs

Is there a way to import songs into another song as a state?


It really depends on what, and how you are doing it. I do 3 medleys, and everything is in one song. All changes are done in states. The way I personally think about it is a medley is one song on it’s own. Many Prog Rock songs have multiple parts and changes. If the songs all run together, without stoppage, it (to me) only makes sense to make it one song. It all relies on what and how you are performing the medley, and what changes you have to make.

Yeah, I was thinking the same.
since I play in different bands it would be easier to have the songs chained and I can reuse them for others.
But States will be the better solution.

I truly understand what you are saying. I am in 5 different bands, and some occasional sit in bands. There are several songs that cross over to other bands, Sometimes in different keys, different tunings, different beginnings/endings and inbetweens. I save the same song title with “band name” in the title, then edit it appropriately, and save it to band folder. It does get tedious, but it’s much better than just being wildly disorganized. Plus, you confidently know that it works.

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Still, some kinda chaining function for songs would be interesting, or maybe add differents songs to a medley program?

Yeah, but probably wouldn’t use it much. I do have some songs that transition into a related song, which is fun, but I don’t usually use them as single songs. I am sure others would be interested though.