How to set standard rack-view?


Hey people,

do I overlook something?
Sometimes if I have adjusted the bindings of a rack, exit this rack and enter it again I’ll see the bindings-page. This makes sense, but is there an option to switch that off? I’d like to see the routing-page everytime I enter a rack instead of the last-used-page.

And by the way: I have a particular song that contains two racks. And everytime I open that song, it shows me the first rack and it’s rack-states instead of song and song-states. Regardless if I save the song with all racks closed. Any ideas on this?

I think it would be great having a global setting where you can select what you want to see if you open a song / rack.



Hey Chris,

It remembers the view at the “Save” point so what ever you are looking at when you save will be what you see when you re-open. Same with Songs. I don’t know a way to change that.



Yes. I know. Normally you are right. But as I wrote: it’s not always working. In one song cantabile opens the first rack and I have to exit it to see the song states. If I save the song with all racks closed, it still shows the first rack when opening this song again.


Sorry Chris, I misunderstood. In that case It sounds like a binding is opening the rack at ‘Song Load’ but I don’t know.



Good point. I’ll check that.



I think I found the possible problem. Right click on the closed rack that’s a problem and uncheck the box “Primary View”. You can set a rack to be the first thing you see with this option. I didn’t remember it being available.

rack view



@brad has given us so many great tools, it is hard to remember them all. Thanks Chris and Dave for bringing it to my attention.



yes, yes, yes!! Thanks for that hint! I overlooked it.
I unchecked that and now everything is fine! Thanks again.