How to set active timeline display to triggered Media Player

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I have 5 Media Players that I am triggering from a set of pads.

I would very much like it if the Timeline could switch to display the waveform of the last triggered Media Player. So when I trigger ‘Media Player 4’ the Timeline would display (zoomed to full width, ideally) the waveform of the file playing in Media Player 4.

So far the best I have come up with is to bind the trigger pad to ‘Navigate’ ‘Home’, then a number of ‘Down’ bindings to arrive at the line of the correct Media Player, but this is a bit clunky and has to be re-done if the number of lines above the Media Players changes.

It would also be useful if the Timeline would automatically always zoom to show the entire file’s waveform across the display.

Any ideas, chaps?