How to route AB-Y Audio in Cantabile? (Is there a VST?)


I have two outputs in my setup. One stereo dry (straight to monitors) one mono wet (goes through external FX pedals, back into interface input, and then to monitors).

I want my inputs to be able to toggle between…
A: The Dry Output
B: The Wet Output
Y: Both the Dry and the Wet Output.
Once I receive my new MIDI controller (delivery delayed til the end of the month due to COVID) I hope to toggle the routing with the push of a button.

I did some searches for AB-Y Pedal VSTs and was surprised to not find anything. I also thought panning between the two outputs might be an option, but I couldn’t find anything simple. Do any of you know how I could achieve this method of routing? Can Sends and Returns achieve this?

And hi. First post.


Hi Peepo and Welcome to the Forum!

I hope this is what you meant. It requires C3 Performer to do because it use states and bindings to change the routing. It also assumes you have created the audio routes in Options to match your interface which has at a minimum 2 mono audio inputs and 2 stereo audio outs. This is just an example of the states you could use.

State One - direct to speakers - Audio input 1 direct to speakers

State Two - send to pedal chain and back to input and on to speakers - Audio 1 In to Audio 3 (mono) out out to fx chain to audio 2 input and on to Speakers via C3 routing

State Three - Have both type of routes on to blend them - as it says, both routings together

You can create bindings with the temporary buttons on the Controller Bar to change the A/B/Y states which is routed as the Onscreen Controller in your bindings. You can change to your controller for these bindings when it comes in. e.g. …




Thanks for the info Dave.
That definitely looks like the best way to do it, but sadly I’ll only be rocking Cantabile Solo. I’ll definitely be referencing this post if I upgrade in the future.
I’ll keep looking for (free) VSTs in the meantime.


Oh, well if have Solo you can get there using the embedded racks and the bindings to control the routing without any states required. You would have the original 3 routes but they would be routed to the 3 embedded racks that were just stereo pass throughs (routed simply from rack in to the rack out on the inside of the rack).

You could then have an array of bindings to switch the audio routes by enabling and disabling the 3 embedded racks. CC10 would allow the A route, CC11 would do the B route and CC12 the Y route. It’s not a free VST but does work in Solo as an alternative for your routing.



Oh great! Thanks a lot, Dave! I’ll try this as soon as I buy Solo. Man, this is looking like a great hunk of software.

As for the VSTs, I was able to find an A/B/C/D/E/F plugin and an AB Input plugin. I really do want Y, and having two inputs is useless to me.


I bought Solo, but I’m still on the lookout. Dave’s solution works, but it’s incredibly clunky. I have several sound modules and only 8 MIDI pads to work with, so mapping 3 pads to each module’s ABY is not ideal.

The ideal would be a 1 input 2 ouput crossfader (controlled by a dial with A to the left, B to the right, Y in the center). I can say with absolute certainty that other than a Bidule module, this seemingly simple vst has never been created. I did find about 6 different 2+ Input 1 Output crossfaders, but not only are these useless for my purposes, but they’re also redundant because Cantabile already has wet/dry knobs for inputs.

Any ideas? I couldn’t even estimate how many hours of my life I have sunk into this search.