How to retain saved play ranges after replacing media player file

I’m setting up different play ranges for all my songs to make it easier to start at different positions during band practice (verse, chorus, bridge, etc.). But when I edit and replace the midi (or mp3) file in the master media player, all my saved play ranges for that media player are gone. The new media file has exactly the same length and will usually have just one or two changed notes or I will have changed the velocity for a note or something similar.

Is there a way to retain the play ranges in this case? I hate to have to set up new play ranges each time I make a change to the media file. If not, this would definitely be a feature request as far as I’m concerned.

But perhaps I am overlooking something here (wouldn’t be the first time :blush:).

Hi @hermanoantequera,

The easiest way to deal would be simply update the existing media file when you change it rather than saving it with a new name - then you shouldn’t need to make any changes in Cantabile.

The only thing you might need to do it force Cantabile to reload the file if it’s a MIDI file. Either close and reopen the song or switch to a different media file in the media player and back again. Or power cycle the audio engine should do it too.


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Thanks, @brad, I will try this!