How to remotely control the master volume from an Android phone?


Hi All. I am a new user of Cantabile 3 lite (free edition).
I am using it just for running 3 VST plug-in that allow me to play my old vinyl records.
All fine so far, except that I would like to remotely control (using an Android phone) the volume (gain) of at least one of the plug-in or the master output.

In other words, I am looking for some kind of “easy” way to have a very simple remote control of a single volume/gain stereo slider.

I also tried to setup the web gui, but I couldn’t. No network option among my Miscellaneas. Probably the free licence doesn’t allow for it.
And, anyway, I am not looking for something allowing me to duplicate or access the entire Cantabile workspace, I just need something for setting the output global volume.

Thanks and kind regards,