How to redirect the input MIDI chanel

Hello dear C3-community,
I’m lost … how can I redirect the MIDI channel of a sending keyboard (which can only send on MIDI Channel 1) in Cantabile on song load, via song state, sysex or in another way?

Hi Christoph,

I think this method will do what you are wanting. Create state one, then on that first state click on the route control indicator in the route and edit the route to the desired channel settings. In the first example screenshot state one is set so any MIDI channel input is directed to MIDI channel 1. Note that the target channel state behavior box must be checked for the route for state switching to be available. If you have only one state it is saved with the song and this wouldn’t be necessary but for multiple states with channels changes it is a must.

When or if you add more states to the song you switch to the new state you added, open the route control panel again on the same route and change the target channel to whatever channel you want. The example shows channel 2 set this way.

Now you can switch channels with the state change …

This is one way to do what you ask if I understand your inquiry. Alternatively there is a route filter for midi channelizing but it is different in that it cannot be state controlled and is static once created.

Hope this helps …



Hi Dave,
that’s it! Thank you very much for your help. I forgot to set the states behaviors!
Best regards